the donald calls hitlery the lucifer

Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton ‘The Devil’
Haaretz, Aug 4 2016

On the campaign stump, Donald Trump has opened August by moving from “Crooked Hillary” to “the devil.” Speaking in Pennsylvania on Monday, the billionaire real estate mogul derided Bernie Sanders’ capitulation in the Democratic primary race and Sanders’ decision to support Clinton. Trump said of Sanders:

He made a deal with the devil. She’s the devil.

Trump in recent days has taken to categorizing the Clinton-Sanders understanding as a “deal with the devil” but this was the first time that he went so far as to specifically equate Clinton with Lucifer. Trump’s supporters packed a Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, high school gymnasium and thousands more were left outside or forced to watch in a spillover room.

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  1. lobro
    Posted August 4, 2016 at 1:41 pm | Permalink

    Beneath the boorish exterior, Trump is quite subtle and systematic, as versed in the art of gradual subterfuge as KGB-Putin.

    Rung by rung, he is shining the light upward at the demon pyramid and the public may be slowly catching on.
    Soon he might say, Hellary is a relatively minor devil, there is a bigger demiurge lurking above her, yanking her chain.

    And that is what’s it all about, all these round the clock attacks on Trump, growing ever more inchoate and desperate, Baphomet is aware of the danger.

    Every day, I have to clear my inbox of urgent appeals by Alternet, MoveOn, ThinkProgress and other media critters of Soros, shedding their benign, liberal guise and calling Trump insane, a menace bent on the world war to extermination of humanity, traitorous unhinged commissar of Putin, while Hellary is a model of propriety, peace, good intentions, a mother figure who just wants to breastfeed me to death.

    Two things are absolutely intolerable to this demiurge, Trump victory and Turkey heading over to the Sino-Rus-Iranian axis.
    Hellary will win in a blatant display of Diebold primacy over the electoral sham, for all to see who is the Boss of US.

    If Erdogan makes a serious move to jump the NATO ship, expect immediate preemptive nukes coming in by thousands.

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