murid not impressed by erdogan’s anti-western potential

Iranian gas
El-Murid, Aug 12 2016

At the meeting the foreign Minister of Turkey Cavusoglu with his Iranian counterpart, the Turkish Minister said that Turkey is ready to buy more Iranian gas. A few months ago, Ayatollah Rouhani said that Iran in General may close any Turkey’s demand for energy. This, apparently, should be considered in the context of the meeting of Erdogan and Putin. To believe that Turkey will suddenly drop everything and fall into our arms, can only be an imbecile. Turkey needs Russia only to antagonize their Western partners. For this will and promises, and the golden mountains, and the sky with diamonds. In reality, everything will remain the same, and a knife in the back is always there. In general, Russia needs Turkey for about the same reason: there is hardly the slightest illusion about her. But the people on both sides of the border will be to feed different the noodles, in order to emphasize the wisdom of leadership and its unearthly care of you.

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