the glorious jen psaki

State Department sued for records of deleted press briefing video
Josh Gerstein, Politico, Aug 17 2016

A conservative group has filed a lawsuit demanding that the State Dept release all records of how the publicly posted video of a 2013 press briefing was edited to remove an exchange about the secrecy of Pindosi nuclear talks with Iran. Judicial Watch filed the Freedom of Information Act suit in federal court in Washington Wednesday, seeking all information State possesses about the original deletion as well as any investigation the agency has done into why it happened. Fox News reporter James Rosen discovered earlier this year that State’s online video version of a Dec 2 2013 press briefing flashed to a white frame just before his questioning of then-spox Jen Psaki. After that back and forth, the video of the rest of the briefing picked back up. State Dept officials initially said it was a “glitch.” However, they later reported a technician intentionally edited the video in response to what he said was a request from someone in State’s public affairs office. Psaki has denied making any such request. Jackass Kerry called the editing “stupid and clumsy,” which seems like a fair assessment since only the video on State’s site and a companion YouTube channel was altered. The transcript remained available publicly through State and the video remained in the possession of news organizations. Judicial Watch’s complaint says it requested records about a Dec 3 2015 exchange between Rosen and Psaki and sought only records created after that date. It’s unclear why the group cited that date, about two years after the briefing where the exchange in question took place.

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  1. lobro
    Posted August 19, 2016 at 11:18 am | Permalink

    if i was prez, she’d be my first hire, the best ever, mandatory purple microdot with morning latte

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