webster, that sharp tongue of yours…

Formal Retraction of Factual Assertions and Innunendos Regarding Melania Trump
Webster Tarpley, Aug 22 2016

The Morning Briefing published on tarpley.net on Aug 2 2016 referenced unfounded rumors and innuendo regarding Melania Trump, wife of Republican Presidential candidate Donald J Trump, and her life prior to her marriage. The Aug 2 2016 morning briefing asserted that it was widely known that Melania Trump previously worked as an escort and that Mrs Trump was in fear of revelations that she used to work as an escort. The briefing also stated that multiple unnamed sources stated that Mrs Trump was in a state of apoplectic tantrum, was suffering from a full-blown nervous breakdown, that both Melania Trump and Donald J Trump feared the revelations coming to light, and that Mrs Trump’s condition was negatively affecting the presidential campaign of Donald J Trump. While the tarpley.net editors, writers and contributors did not generate said rumors, the briefing in question was not diligent in fact-checking or maintaining a healthy distance between innuendo and fact. As such, Webster G Tarpley, as editor of the content that appears on tarpley.net, hereby officially retracts the Aug 2 2016 morning briefing in full and apologizes to Mrs Trump for any duress and harm she may have endured as a result of the contents of the Aug 2 2016 morning briefing.

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