NATO backs erdogan in syria

Notice Stoltenberg’s deliberately mangled syntax. I read him as saying: “Staying outside is no alternative. We have to try and find a solution and also to go in ourselves.” – RB

NATO welcomes Turkey’s increased fight against Daesh, Stoltenberg says
Ece Toksabay, Humeyra Pamuk, Reuters, Sep 9 2016

NATO Sec-Gen Stoltenberg on Friday welcomed Turkey’s increased efforts to fight Daesh in Syria and said training local forces was the key to battling Daesh. At a joint news conference with Turkish FM Cavusoglu, Stoltenberg also said NATO had increased its military presence in Turkey, which he described as a “strong and highly valued” member. He said:

I welcome the increased efforts of Turkey but also other allies in fighting ISIL in Syria and also I believe the key is to train local forces. It is a very complex and very difficult situation in Syria, but there is no alternative to just stay outside. We have to try to find a solution and also to fight ISIL in Syria.

Turkey launched its first major military incursion into Syria just over two weeks ago in a bid to push Daesh back from its border and prevent Syrian Kurds from seizing territory in their wake. Turkey has long argued for an internationally enforced no-fly zone to create a safe area for civilians in northern Syria, but Cavusoglu said that the UNSC would have to take a decision on any such move. Cavusoglu also said Turkey had informed the German government that a delegation sent by the Bundestag would be allowed to visit the Incirlik air base in southern Turkey at the beginning of October. FM Steinmeier said he saw Ankara’s decision as a sign Turkey was ready to resume dialogue. He said:

I am very glad that this issue now seems to be solved. All efforts should be focused on fighting Daesh and the German presence at the Incrilik air base is part of the German contribution.

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