pindos undertake to “weaken” nusra

A look at details of Pindo-Russia deal on Syria
AP, Sep 9 2016

GENEVA — A look at some of the key points in an “arrangement” announced by Jackass Kerry and Sergei Lavrov. A nationwide ceasefire by Assad’s forces and the Pindo-backed opposition is set to begin across Syria at sundown Monday. That sets off a seven-day period that will allow for humanitarian aid and civilian traffic into Aleppo. Fighting forces are to also pull back from the Costello Road, a key thoroughfare and access route into Aleppo, and create a “demilitarized zone” around it. Also Monday, Pindostan and Russia will begin preparations for the creation of a Joint Implementation Center that will involve information sharing needed to define areas controlled by Jabhat al-Nusra and opposition groups in areas “of active hostilities.” The center is expected to be established a week later, and is to launch a broader effort toward delineating other territories in control of various groups. As part of the arrangement, Russia is expected to keep Syrian air force planes from bombing areas controlled by the opposition (i.e. at all – RB). Pindostan has committed to help weaken Nusra. A resumption of political dialogue between the government and opposition under UN mediation, which was halted amid an upsurge in fighting in April, will be sought over the longer term. Jackass said this “new equation” offers an opportunity to find a peaceful solution and reverse the current trend of “creating more terrorists” and more destruction. Jackass said the Pindo-supported opposition and other fighters will be called upon to set themselves apart from Daesh and Nusra. Lavrov said through a translator:

The Syrian government has been informed of these arrangements and is ready to fulfill them.

The Geneva negotiating session lasted more than 13 hours and capped a flurry of meetings between the two diplomats in recent days. Jackass and Lavrov met four times since a previous Geneva meeting on Aug 26, and Obama and Putin discussed the matter at a summit in China.  Jackass acknowledged “confusion” between Nusra and “legitimate opposition groups” that had led to a “fraying” of a ceasefire that was shepherded earlier this year by Pindostan and Russia and brought a respite for several weeks (no main verb – RB).

The agreement
El Murid, Sep 10 2016

Kerry and Lavrov announced a breakthrough agreement on Syria. While no specific details, but even that sounded, already raises certain questions. The essence of the published outcome is that Assad must stop the bombing, and all parties to the conflict fire. When this condition is met, Russia and the USA will strike blows to the terrorists. In other words, there are some parties to the conflict and there are some terrorists. It is assumed that the terrorists agreement does not apply, which means that the terrorists can continue to fire all they want. Exactly here lies the confusion: who is who. If Pindostan and Russia relentless desire to begin to restore order, the most logical would be to say: since Sep 12, the fire must be stopped, who shoots is the terrorist. But such a simple and understandable formula, it seems, is just ignored. Instead, it introduces the concept of “parties to the conflict.” How to get into the coveted list of “parties to the conflict” remains behind the scenes, which means that there is some room for different interpretations. Determined areas which will be applied to coordinated air strikes of Pindostan and Russia. However, the issue of coordination is also subject to additional discussion. Another point, which voiced a large part of the agreement secret and not subject to disclosure. Which is very convenient: to understand whether the actions of Pindostan and Russia reached agreements or not, will be possible only if this will tell the participants of the negotiations. In general, while there is a cheerful mood and the joy on their faces. From a practical point of view it is clear that Assad needs to cease fire and bombing. If this refers to the militants is unclear, as it’s unclear who among the gunmen is now a party to the conflict and who is a terrorist. It seems to be a terrorist designated Jabhat an-Nusra, but it makes sense in the common interest now please to spray. The role it played. However, does it mean that all other reasonable and proper terrorists, remains unknown.

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