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Jackass & Lavrov agree Syria truce holding, extend it by 48 hours
Lesley Wroughton, Reuters, Sep 15 2016

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov meet in Geneva
them last friday

Pindostan and Russia agreed that the Syrian cessation of hostilities that began on Monday had largely held and should be extended for another 48 hours despite sporadic violence, the State Dept said on Wednesday. The cessation of hostilities, brokered by Jackass Kerry and Sergei Lavrov on Friday, went into effect on Monday night. State Dept spokesman Mark Toner said Jackass and Lavrov had spoken by telephone earlier on Wednesday and agreed it was worth extending the truce. Under the deal, Pindostan and Russia are aiming for reduced violence over seven consecutive days before they move to the next stage of coordinating military strikes against Jabhat al-Nusra and Daesh, which are not party to the truce. Toner told a briefing:

There was agreement that as a whole, despite sporadic reports of violence, the arrangement is holding, and violence is significantly lower in comparison with previous days and weeks. As part of the conversation they agreed to extend the cessation for another 48 hours.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said no deaths from fighting had been reported in the first 48 hours of the truce. Toner explained later:

This recommitment will initially be for 48 hours, and, provided it holds, Pindostan and Russia will discuss extensions, with the aim of achieving an indefinite extension to lower the violence.

Russia: Syria ceasefire violated 60 times in first 48 hours
Reuters, Sep 14 2016

Interfax quoted Lt-Gen V Poznikhir, a senior officer in the Russian army general staff, said at a news briefing that the ceasefire in Syria was violated 60 times in the first 48 hours, mostly by Ahrar al-Sham, but Russia supports the extension of the ceasefire for another 48 hours.

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