pindo supreme

Pindosi commandos ‘forced to run away’ from Pindo-backed Syrian rebels
Raf Sanchez, Independent, Sep 16 2016

Video footage appears to show Pindosi commandos fleeing a Syrian town under a barrage of abuse and insults hurled at them by fighters from the Pindo-backed FSA. The video appears to be the first evidence of Pindo SOF cooperating with Turkish troops in their battle against Daesh. The incident illustrates the complex web of alliances and enmities in Syria, where many of Pindostan’s allies are fighting each other and some rebel groups that receive Pindo support still harbour strong anti-Pindo sentiments. The footage shows a crowd of rebel fighters in the town of ar-Rai near the Turkish border, which was captured from Daesh by Syrian rebel groups with the backing of Turkey, which has been backing the FSA. The fighters scream anti-Pindosi chants as a column of pick-up trucks carrying Pindo commandos drives away from them. One man in the video shouts”

Christians and Pindostanis have no place among us! They want to wage a crusader war to occupy Syria!

Another man calls out:

The collaborators of Pindostan are dogs and pigs! They wage a crusader war against Syria and Islam!

The Pindosi troops are not wearing traditional uniform but they carry Pindo weapons and are wearing the distinctive round helmets favoured by Pindo SOF. Another video shows the Pindosi troops looking nonchalant and waving at the camera even as some of the rebels tell them to leave. Charles Lister of the Middle East Institute said the confrontation was sparked when FSA rebels accused the Pindosis of supporting the Kurdish militia known as the People’s Protection Units (YPG). He said:

Heated tempers and YPG relations aside, this was a big mistake by FSA. But it does go to show the diplomacy now required to make it work.

Turkey is vehemently opposed to the YPG and its FSA proxies have fought with Kurdish fighters even though they are in theory both Pindosi allies committed to fighting together against Daesh. It was not clear if the confrontation in al-Rai was spontaneous or ordered by senior FSA figures or even their Turkish allies. The Pindo troops are believed to have been operating alongside Turkish forces in northern Syria. Video footage shows the Pindosi trucks sharing a road with Turkish tanks. A spokesman for CENTCOM said they were aware of the video and looking into the incident.

Pentagon: Pindo troops now operating with Turks in Syria
AP, Sep 16 2016

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon says Pindo troops for the first time are operating alongside Turkish government forces who are fighting Daesh inside Syria. Pentagon spox said Friday the Pindo SOF are accompanying Turkish troops who are operating with moderate Syrian opposition forces (FSA – RB). He said the Pindosis are providing the same training, advice and other assistance that Pindo forces have been providing to other Syrian groups, such as the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (YPG – RB), fighting Daesh in northern Syria. He did not say how many Pindo troops are working with the Turks, but others said it was approximately a few dozen (hundreds – RB). Davis said the Pindosis are just south of the Turkish border, between the towns of Jarablus and ar-Rai.

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