i’ve been saying it for 3 years: putin is a piece of shit

The phantom policy
El Murid, Sep 127 2016

Today sparkling Putin issued a series of statements, each of which is quite legitimate questions and sincere confusion. On Syria: Declared that Pindostan “can’t separate the so-called healthy part of the opposition from criminal and terrorist elements.” The problem is that Russia is also in this issue not only shows consistency, but also still unknown is who exactly and most importantly why she believes a healthy part of the opposition. Strictly formally, it was called the FSA, but just a year ago, Lavrov called the FSA “a phantom structure. That did not prevent a few months later to declare its military support. What happened in two months, and as non-existent phantom suddenly materialized to such a degree that he can begin to support, is the question. Moreover, the FSA is the ones that just cut the heads and even eat the hearts of dead soldiers. What is their “health” from the point of view of the Russian authorities is a mystery until now. Putin shifts to Pindostan responsibility, but he is not able to formulate a coherent and unified criteria, according to which he is willing to consider and to call to certain armed opposition groups. The vague wording and the lack of criteria creates a misunderstanding of goals and objectives in Syria. Been a year since Russian troops fighting in Syria and die there, but still not the goals, which Russia hopes to achieve in Syria. And this is not a question to some Pindostanis, but to our leaders. Blatant nonsense like “fighting on the distant approaches” and “testing new weapons” you can safely ignore. Something to die for our soldiers in Syria to the Caspian sea it was possible to demonstrate the start “Caliber” is unclear. With any Islamic state, Russia is not involved in any fight, if to take for a basis the statistics of air strikes, more than 80% of them is not Daesh. Lies are the main brace of modern Russia, but we should not expect to lie always will be. Questions inevitably arise. Until then while Russia will not be able to articulate your goals and objectives in Syria and more generally in the region, to blame someone else is simply ridiculous. Here just right to remember the immortal phrase of Ivan:

But you understand, since you don’t say anything?

The second magical pearl Putin said, answering a question of journalists that Moscow is ready to resume negotiations with Poroshenko in the “Normandy format”:

We are ready to continue any contact, as long as they lead to a positive result, the resolution of the crisis which arose in Ukraine.

Again a riddle: what exactly is meant by “positive outcome” and why it should be positive for Ukraine? The third year continues the events in Ukraine. Russia is the third year are not able to combine their loud commitment to protect the Russian population from destruction, the annexation of Crimea and the desire to have a good partnership with the junta, which seized power through a coup. If the coup was an internal affair of Ukraine, Russian policy had to be detached and neutral. Which, as we know, was not. If in Kiev seized power in a bloody junta to exterminate the Russian population, then the policy of Russia, which proclaimed the protection of compatriots wherever they live, should be different than today’s constant betrayal and abuse of this concept. The same story is to understand Putin, who wags in Ukrainian politics, as the tail, absolutely impossible. What is the “positive result”? The establishment of a base of NATO, put forward almost at the Moscow is a positive result? He really thinks so? So the need is clearly understood and articulate. Anyway this all goes. Putin, sauruses and entangled in all what only possible, constantly trying to “translate arrows.” But until all the questions anyway back to himself. The inability of the formulation of goals and objectives, as well as constant failures in all areas lead to the fact that instead of politics in Russia there is only the frantic rushing from one decision to another, whatever catches halfway, one adventure leads to the next. Sycophants, calling such a policy a genius, forget that the genius is in the first place is not quite a normal person. In this case, it is the policy of modern Russia looks gipermenoree that internal that external. Normal it is exactly zero.

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    BFF is a Pindo girlie expression, best friends forever

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