cassad on the USAF bombing

It’s all a “stunt”
Colonel Cassad, Sep 18 2016


On following the Pindo strikes on SAA at the UNSC, Russia has revealed some details of the deal with Pindostan, which confirm the leak on this. Permanent representative of Russia to the UNSC Vitaly Churkin read out to reporters on Saturday excerpts from the documents on Syria, which was agreed by Sergei Lavrov and Jackass Kerry. Churkin read an excerpt from the introductory part of the document adopted on the night of Sep 10, according to the results of many hours of negotiations between Lavrov and Jackass in Geneva. Earlier, Washington refused to publish the agreements, which jeopardized the adoption of the resolution of the UNSC in support of the deal. After leaving the emergency meeting of the UNSC convened by Russia after the Pindosi strikes on Syrian troops near the city of Deir ez-Zor, Churkin said:

For reasons that we cannot fully understand, Pindostan refused to share with you or even with members of the UNSC the texts of these documents. But I will read excerpts from two of these documents, so that you can understand just what’s the matter. The delineation of the territories controlled by Daesh, Jabhat al-Nusra and moderate armed opposition forces, remains a key priority, as well as the disengagement of the moderate opposition parties from Nusra.

Further, the permanent representative of the Russian Federation familiarized the journalists with the other document agreed in July relating to the activities of the joint group on implementation of the agreements the aim of which is “to provide enhanced cooperation between Pindostan and the Russian Federation.” He read:

The parties, Pindostan and the RF, will work together in the framework of the Joint Group on Implementation to defeat Jabhat al-Nusra and Deash, in the context of strengthening the ceasefire regime and support the political transition process set out in UNSCR 2254. The agreements suggested that joint implementation will begin on Sep 19. So if Pindostan wanted to strike an effective blow to Jabhat al-Nusra in Deir ez-Zor or elsewhere, they could have waited another day or two and coordinated their actions with our military, as well as to make sure that they attack those they intend. Instead, they decided to hold this reckless operation.

Churkin did not agree that can put a cross on Russo-Pindosi agreements. He replied to the question, can we assume the deal is dead, as follows:

No. You know, like I said, there is a very large question mark. I would be very interested to see how Washington will respond. If the Pindosi authorities follow the example of their Ambassador, Samantha Power, who left the hall at the time of presentation by the Russian delegation and went out to criticize Russia in front of reporters, then the deal faces serious problems. I hope they will find a way to convince us and everyone else that are serious about a political settlement in Syria, and are serious about the fight against terrorists.

In fact, it was confirmed that the White House did not want to disclose the commitments in the joint fight against Nusra and the hard distinction between it and the other groups controlled by Pindostan. The Russian Foreign Ministry even accused Washington of supporting ISIS.

Press conference Churkin in the UNSC (English with subtitles)

Now on the Pindo reaction. The Pindo representative in the UNSC has rejected charges of the Russian Federation concerning cooperation between the US and ISIS. Samantha Power said that Russia’s Foreign Minister “should be ashamed” for saying that Pindostan protect Daesh. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said earlier that the Russian side starts to come to a conclusion about what actions the White House seeks to protect Daesh. Power said:

A Russian representative, I think, said that we could be implicated in an attempt to protect Daesh. Really? The group beheaded Pindo citizens. We are leading a coalition of 67 countries, to destroy this group.

Press conference Samantha Power (English with subtitles)

The permanent representative of the Russian Federation said that when they came to the UNSC, he began to share his concerns with members and Power went to the press and, without hearing him, began to criticize Russia, including for the convening of this meeting. Churkin said:

And when they entered after my speech (I must say, her assistant had to stay, so that Pindosis understand all of what happened) said that she was not interested, so to speak, in listening to what I say, and that it’s all a “trick” and so on. This is absolutely unprecedented defiance. In these circumstances, I was interested to hear how she is going to accuse us of all mortal sins, and I in turn left too, leaving my Deputy, and also talked to the press.

Regarding the “recklessness” that the Pentagon had already taken a position in the spirit of “sorry, we made a mistake,” explaining that by the fact that previously this area was occupied by Daesh, whom Pindostan intended to bomb.


The Caliphate has confirmed that the Pindo bombing actually took place on the afternoon of Sep 17.


That is, the Pindostan response will be standard, as it has happened many times after air strikes on weddings, hospitals, MSF or schools. To kill a few dozen people and say “excuse me”, it is quite a norm for Pindostan. Regarding the prospects of the transaction #2 (the JIC? – RB), the incident yesterday in fact puts an end to its long-term action. Pindostan in the last days she was too burdened. The Syrian military said the information on losses of the SAA in yesterday’s attack by Pindostan upon the Deir ez-Zor. There  died 62 people, injured 98 people. destroyed 3 tanks, 3 construction vehicles, 4 mortars and 1 anti-aircraft gun.

The official comment from the defense Ministry.

Some ground lost yesterday after the us-led strikes failed to return. In addition to the artillery airbase in Deir-ez-Zor, the SAA offensive was supported by Russian aviation. Behind the fighters the morning of Sep 18 was the southern and south-eastern part of the occupied area yesterday covering the oil field Ty (sic – RB). The attack was conducted by forces deployed in recent days in Deir ez-Zor units, which were to promote the success of the SAA in the north-western part of the enclave where at the beginning of the week, Daesh suffered a tactical defeat and was forced to leave a number of positions.

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