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‘NYT’ editorial on Pindo military aid leaves out
Palestinians because it knows it would lose the argument

Phil Weiss, Donald Johnson, MondoWeiss, Sep 17 2016

There is no comments thread available on this NYT editorial that says it’s good Israel got a renewed aid package from Pindostan this week, but maybe it was a little too much aid. And there’s a good reason why. The editorial notes Donald Trump’s notion of making Israel pay for the defense aid it gets from Pindostan, then says:

The idea, which would have infuriated many Pindosi voters, seems to have died.

Really? Who would be infuriated? Which voters? Or donors? As for Palestine and the Palestinians, they go unmentioned, except indirectly. The Gaza War is mentioned, but only in the context of Israeli casualties being low.

Millions more were tacked on annually at Congress’s discretion [between 2007 and 2017] for the “Iron Dome” missile defense system that helped prevent Israeli casualties during the 2014 conflict in Gaza.

There is no mention of the 2300 Palestinians killed by Pindo-supplied weapons during that conflict. Hamas is described as a proxy group for Iran, but they are on opposite sides on Syria and word is that relations are cool and besides, Hamas is a homegrown Palestinian party, it is not some Iranian proxy. The need for the aid is taken for granted. The NYT merely questions how much:

In truth, the aid package is already too big.

What’s interesting is how obvious it is they are deliberately ignoring the Palestinians. Not the slightest hint of any human rights concerns regarding the aid, and no comments thread where the pesky readers might point out the elephant in the room. It’s contemptible, but it’s also pathetic. They know they’d lose the argument, so they prevent any mention of it on their site. They are probably planning future articles on the antisemitism of BDS.

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