7 russians included in air raid fatalities

The bombing of Deir ez-Zor. The consequences
El Murid, Sep 18 2016

Yesterday’s bombing of Deir ez-Zor is how to understand the Russian measurement. Middle Eastern sources state that during the bombing were killed Russian SOF, which apparently carried out an aircraft adjustment. Alleged death of seven Russian soldiers, including the commander of the group.

Claims that Russian SOF commander was among those killed in US airstrike.
Malcolmite (@Malcolmite)

Deir Ezzor : Reports that 7 #Russian soldiers were among those killed in yesterday’s #US airstrikes on #Thurda Mountain.
Christian Turner (@CombatChris1)

In principle, one of the officially recognized dead Russian military (near Palmyra) carried out the adjustment of the fire of our aircraft, so that the availability of such professionals in Deir ez-Zor can cause no surprise. The only question is whether there are losses. Too many victims simultaneously, and even from the fire partners. Two circumstances, each of which makes questionable the official recognition of the loss, there are in reality or not. Plus there is the legal basis: the notorious law on the classification of losses. PS: The bad thing is that immediately after the bombing, the militants captured the location of ostbataillone MDM and fell in the air strike. Now the militants posing with the bodies of the dead.

Bodies of soldiers killed by regime air strikes of the Coalition scattered art battalion in Deir ez-Zor / #Syria
voenkor1 (@voenkor1)

The question arises: if the dead and our how to be with bodies. PPS: The Turks reported today that bodies of seven Russian soldiers who died (named officers) from Deir-ez-Zor delivered in Hamim.

Dün #ABD ‘nin #DeyrZor ‘da rejim noktalarını vurduğu sırada 7 #Rus özel kuvvetinin öldüğü, cesetlerin #Humeymim ‘e getirildiği ifade ediliyor.
Levent Kemal (@ValkryV)

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