cassad on the bombing

The end of the “truce” in Syria
Colonel Cassad, Sep 18 2016


Head of Main Operational Department of the General Staff Lt-Gen Sergey Rudskoy told reporters:

Given that the conditions of the cessation of hostilities by militants are not met, we believe compliance unilaterally by Syrian government forces is senseless. Pindostan and the opposition groupings they control have not fulfilled any of the obligations assumed under the Geneva agreements. Importantly, there was no separation of the moderate opposition and Jabhat al-Nusra. Moreover, we observed no separation, but a fusion of moderate opposition groups and Jabhat al-Nusra and their preparation for offensive joint actions. The Pindosi side is still unable to report to the Russian military with accurate data on the location of the controlled opposition groups. The materials received Sep 13 do not conform to the bilateral agreements, because they contain only a general list of armed groups who agree to respect the cessation of hostilities. It has not specified the coordinates of regions where they operate, no numbers, and no contact information of the leaders of the gangs. The ceasefire in Syria was broken 302 times as of Sep 12, killing 63 civilians and injuring 252. In the last few days alone, the number of attacks by armed groups amounted to 53. Since the beginning of the announcement of the cessation of hostilities, it was broken by the opposition 302 times, killing 63 and wounding 252 civilians, the loss of the Syrian armed forces were 153 people. The Russian and Syrian air force over the past week, did not cause impacts on areas that were agreed as part of the agreements reached in Geneva. I consider it necessary to respond to baseless accusations by Jackass Kerry concerning the so-called indiscriminate bombing by Syrian aircraft. There were no raids in the last week by Russian or Syrian air forces in the areas agreed in the framework of the Geneva agreement. Not a single fact was presented to us about this. Syrian troops twice withdrew their weapons from the Castello Road at Aleppo; however, due to the provocations of the opposition, the agreement was thwarted. Problems with the delivery of humanitarian aid in Aleppo are related to the fact that the Pindosi-controlled militias are blocking the Castello Road. In my opinion Pindostan does not have effective levers of influence on the moderate opposition and unfamiliar with the real situation in Syria. The evidence caused the day before by the international coalition aircraft bomb assault blow to the Syrian troops near the city of Deir ez-Zor, and the outbreak immediately after the attack of Daesh.

Here the most interesting thing is not merely the fact that the defense diagnoses the end of the “truce” and violations by the Pindosis of the terms of the deal, but also the conditions for the provision of data on the areas of operation of pro-Pindo fighters, their numbers and their command structures. In fact, in the closed part of the deal Pindostan had to reveal its links with Jihadi groups and apparently this moment was very uncomfortable for the White House, which strongly objected to disclosing these details. Recall that in the terminal area of the city of Deir ez-Zor, Pindostan and coalition forces launched air strikes, killing at least 60 Syrian troops and injured about 100. The fact of coalition air strikes near the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor was recognized by the Pindo leadership. The attack on Syrian troops in Deir ez-Zor (which besides Pindostan involved planes from Australia and Denmark, and also British UAVs) seems to be convenient for the Pindo way, because of the obvious reaction of the Syrians to get out of an uncomfortable situation in the transaction, which was de facto not favorable to Pindostan. Lavrov in the course of many hours of talks with Jackass bargained objectively more favorable terms for Russia, but when it began to be criticized within Pindostan (including along the line of the Pentagon and the CIA), Pindostan was reluctant to implement the agreement. Now, the Pindo propaganda will make an effort to cover up the failure of Pindostan to live up to its obligations and its attempt to shift responsibility for the failure of the truce onto Assad and Russia, so in the next week, you can expect increased an intensity of information and diplomatic rhetoric on the topic “Who is to blame for disrupting the truce?” De facto, the fighting itself is quite extended and the militants also state that “truce” is all over.

Four air strikes were inflicted on the positions of the rebels in Eastern Aleppo. Authorized Syrian rebels who oppose the regime of Assad, announced the actual failure and the end of the truce. The bombardment of the city of Aleppo, which is one of the largest in the state, happened for the first time since the entry into force of the ceasefire in Syria on Sep 12. According to preliminary available information from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a result of air strikes injured several people. They say war planes bombed the city of Aleppo on Sep 18. A convoy of 20 vans with food for the tens of thousand per month as at Monday still is in Turkey, said the Deputy UN Sec-Gen for humanitarian challenges Stephen O’Brien. Overall, we are now seeing in the throes of dying the next “truce” in Syria, which turned out to be purely virtual, and the second Pindo-Russian deal on Syria is not likely to live quite so long in force before the system of contradictions between Pindostan and Russia. Therefore, in the coming weeks we can expect the resumption of large-scale offensive operations of the parties in different parts of Syria. Other more incident will certainly make the “Black” glad in Raqqa: internal dissension among the crusaders somewhat simplifies the question of dealing with more than many enemies, which in addition to fighting the Caliphate, also even have time to fight among themselves.

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