yarosh (jarosz)

Jewish Company of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army of Dmitry Yarosh
Colonel Cassad, Sep 19 2016

In the Ukrainian Volunteer Army under the command of Dmitry Yarosh is a unit, which serve as fighters are Muslims, and about a year is a Jewish company, is reported on the Facebook page of Ukrainian journalist Elena Belozerskaya. She writes:

Her commander, Maxim, with us from the first battles of 2014. This is a real combat unit, at this point most of his men, at the forefront in the sector “M”. On Sep 16 2016 on the basis of the Jewish company opened an impromptu “Bandera” synagogue… On video is the lighting of candles and Sabbath prayers, then Maxim tells the history of the Jewish people. In the new synagogue, there is not yet a Rabbi. The soldiers invite if you are willing, to take this “job”.

Maybe “the oath” was taken at Babi Yar or in Lviv. It is no wonder the collaboration of Jewish radicals with the Ukrainian fascists. Even in the Third Reich, despite state anti-Semitic policy, some of the Jews accepted the state ideology and served in the ranks of the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine.

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