the russians have a real talent for contradicting themselves

Russian Defense Ministry releases drone footage of militants among UN aid convoy

The Russian Defense Ministry has released drone footage showing that militants were using the UN aid convoy that came under attack in Syria’s Aleppo as cover. Referring to the monitoring drone footage, which was released on Tuesday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov noted that a militant pickup truck with a large caliber mortar can be clearly seen in the footage. He said:

Analysis of the yesterday’s drone footage monitoring the movement of the aid convoy through the militant-held areas helped to reveal new details. The video clearly shows how the terrorists are relocating a pickup truck with a large-caliber mortar.

In the footage, the truck can be seen driving next to the convoy in such a manner that it is only visible from one side.

Russia says truck with mortar gun accompanied aid convoy in Syria
Reuters, Sep 20 2016

Russia’s defence ministry said on Tuesday an aid convoy that came under attack in Syria had been accompanied by a militants’ pickup truck armed with a heavy mortar gun, Russian news agencies reported. The ministry has uploaded part of the footage at its page on YouTube service. The agencies cited a defence ministry official as saying footage provided by drones had shown “new details” of the incident on Monday. Russia has denied reports that its or the Syrian air force had struck the convoy near Aleppo.

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