more reflections on deir ez-zor

Pindo Military Enters New Phase in Syria
Chris Ernesto, Counterpunch, Sep 21 2016

The Pindo airstrikes that killed 60+ Syrian soldiers not only ended the brief ceasefire, it helped Daesh gain control of territory in Syria, and appears to be an escalation of Pindo-led efforts to provoke Syria and Russia. Jason Ditz wrote on

CENTCOM claimed they thought the base belonged to Daesh. It does now. With the forces decimated by the Pindo attack, Daesh quickly overran the base.

And Syria and Russia, who were adhering to the ceasefire, are furious. Assad said:

Every time the Syrian state makes tangible progress either on the ground or towards national reconciliation, anti-Syrian states increase their support of terrorist organisations …The latest example of this is the flagrant American aggression on one of the Syrian army’s positions in Deir Ezzor to the benefit of Daesh.

Russian boxtops are also essentially accusing the west of backing Islamic militants. Vitaly Churkin said:

It is significant and frankly suspicious that the United States chose to conduct this air strike at this time.

Putin questioned the Pindo commitment to the ceasefire, suggesting that Washington wasn’t prepared to break with “terrorist elements” battling Assad’s forces. He said:

In my opinion, (they want) to keep the combat potential in fighting the legitimate government of Bashar Assad. But this is a very dangerous route.

Syrian and Russian leaders know the Pindo airstrikes were intentionally meant to kill Syrian soldiers, most likely to provoke a response and/or to assist Daesh.  Regime change is all Pindostan cares about, and after years of failing to oust Assad, provoking Syria and Russia militarily is the phase Pindostan has obviously entered in Syria. Additionally, the Pentagon confirmed that Pindo SOF are on the ground in Syria fighting alongside Turkey. Pindo boxtops claim the reason for the deployment is to fight ISIS, but that assertion is laughed-off by most, as Turkey’s war is with the Kurds who are fighting Daesh.

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