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Pentagon chief outlines US plans for nuclear war with Russia
Bill Van Auken, WSWS, Sep 28 2016

Ashtray Carter delivered a speech on Monday to “missileers” at the USAF Global Strike Command base in Minot, South Dakota, defending the massive modernization of the Pindo nuclear arsenal and issuing bellicose threats against Russia. His trip to Minot was the first he has taken to a nuclear missile base since becoming Sec Def in Feb 2015. It coincided with the steady escalation of conflicts pitting Pindostan against Russia and China. The thrust of Carter’s speech was a defense of the Pentagon’s proposed $348b plan to rebuild Washington’s so-called nuclear triad of strategic bombers, missiles and submarines. Estimates are that over a 30-year period, this nuclear buildup will siphon fully $1 trillion out of the Pindo economy. Delivered to the officers and enlisted personnel tasked with launching Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles, each carrying warheads with 60 times the destructive capacity of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the speech at times seemed to echo Dr Strangelove. He said:

(Nukes have provided) the bedrock of security (that has) enabled millions and millions to get up in the morning to go to school, to go to work, to live their lives, to dream their dreams and to give their children a better future… Given what we see in today’s security environment, it’s also likely that our children and their children will probably have to live in a world where nuclear weapons exist.

In reality, assuming the continuation of the present “security environment” and the continued existence of nuclear weapons, there is good reason to fear that the world will be incinerated in the lifetimes of “our children and their children.” While using the anodyne Pentagon jargon of “our nuclear enterprise” to refer to the Pentagon’s nuclear war arsenal, Carter’s speech contained passages hinting at the undeniable fact that the threat of a nuclear conflagration is now greater than at any time since the height of the Cold War. He warned:

In the more than seven decades since 1945, nuclear weapons have not again been used in war, that’s not something we can ever take for granted. In today’s security environment, one that’s dramatically different from the last generation, and certainly the generation before that, we face a nuclear landscape that continues to pose challenges … that continues to evolve, in some ways less predictably than during the Cold War, even though many around the world and even some in Pindostan are stuck in the Cold War in their thinking.

What has changed in the wake of the Cold War and the Stalinist bureaucracy’s dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 is the eruption of Pindo militarism, based on the conviction of the Pindo ruling establishment that, with the demise of the USSR, it could freely employ its military might in a bid to assert world hegemony and reverse the global economic decline of Pindo capitalism. The wars fought over the last quarter century, particularly in the Middle East, have produced a series of debacles and a world historic catastrophe for the peoples of the region. At the same time, they have metastasized into broader conflicts pitting the US ever more directly against Russia and China. In a press conference after his speech, Ashtray gave vent to the mounting frustration in Washington over the failure of its five-year-old proxy war for regime change in Syria. This has taken the form of ever more hysterical denunciations of Russia for “war crimes”; this from a government responsible for well over a million deaths in the region. Carter told the media:

What’s going on now in Syria is tragic, disgraceful, preventable, and as I think everyone around the world has been emphasizing over the weekend, Russia and the Syrian regime bear responsibility for the violence, particularly against civilians.

The real concern in Washington is not the loss of civilian lives, but rather the prospect that the Syrian government, backed by Russian airpower, is on the verge of overrunning east Aleppo. Attacking Russia in his speech, Ashtray said:

Moscow’s recent sabre-rattling and building of new nuclear weapons systems raises serious questions about its leaders’ commitment to strategic stability, their regard for long-established abhorrence of using nuclear weapons and whether they respect the profound caution that Cold War-era leaders showed with respect to brandishing nuclear weapons.

The Obama administration, which recently signalled its decision to abandon even the Democrat president’s pretense of renouncing a nuclear first strike as official Pindo policy, has attempted to portray Russia as responsible for igniting a new nuclear arms race. Given that Russia’s military budget is little more than one-tenth that of Pindostan, and less than that of the Toads, this amounts to an absurd pretext. The nuclear sabre-rattling is being carried out by the Pindo government, and Carter’s trip to Minot was part of it. He said:

(Strategic weapons) enable (ground forces) to accomplish their conventional missions around the world. As you know, they’re standing with our NATO vassals and standing up to Russia’s aggression in Europe.

He went on to operations in “the vital Asia-Pacific region,” “deterring North Korea’s provocations,” and “countering Iran’s malign activities in the Middle East.” Referring to the relentless Pindo-NATO military buildup against Russia, Ashtray declared:

Across the Atlantic, we’re refreshing NATO’s nuclear playbook to better integrate conventional and nuclear deterrence to ensure we plan and train like we’d fight and to deter Russia from thinking it can benefit from nuclear use in a conflict with NATO, from trying to escalate to de-escalate, as some there call it.

Pindostan and its NATO vassals are deploying thousands of troops on Russia’s western border and have created a 40,000-strong rapid reaction force in preparation for war. The stated commitment to “integrate conventional and nuclear” forces in this effort has placed the threat of nuclear war on a hair trigger. Last week, TASS quoted the commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Force, Sergey Karakayev, as reporting that the latest Yars mobile ballistic missile systems are being deployed to the Tver region, the country’s westernmost ICBM command. Moscow is carrying out the deployment in response to Washington’s positioning of an antimissile defense system in Romania and plans to set up similar batteries in Poland. While the Pindo pretext is that the systems are directed against Iran, which has no nuclear weapons, Moscow sees the deployments as an attempt to make a first strike against Russia more feasible. It also charges that the ABM systems can easily be converted to fire short- and medium-range offensive nuclear missiles. In his speech Monday, Ashtray also made a brief reference to a Pentagon effort to boost morale among the military personnel assigned to launch a nuclear war, saying it was “bearing fruit.” In 2013 and 2014, over 100 officers and enlisted personnel at nuclear bases were implicated in a scandal involving drug abuse, cheating on proficiency tests and gross security violations. The nuclear war command also saw a series of top officers removed from their posts. The claim of improved morale was called into question, however, with the court martial in June of one member of the security forces at the F E Warren nuclear missile base in Wyoming on charges of using and distributing LSD. Fourteen other airmen have been suspended for suspected drug use there.

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  1. George
    Posted September 28, 2016 at 2:42 pm | Permalink

    Theater of the absurd, Ashtray Carter delivered a speech…… What he is trying to deliver is a trillion dollars of tax payer money to the Military Industrial Complex to assure his position in a plush job to retire to. What’s a trillion when you owe 13 trillion already?

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