some people just cannot resist bad puns

A Buk At Bedtime: Russian firm launches missile-launcher child’s bed
Alec Luhn, Graun, Oct 2 2016


A Russian company has had to defend itself for producing a children’s bed shaped like a Buk missile launcher. Days after a Dutch-led international investigation found that MH17 had been shot down over eastern Ukraine in July 2014 by just such a missile launcher, the St Petersburg-based children’s furniture maker CaroBus attracted criticism for its bedframe, which includes a Russian flag and a base that lifts to resemble a missile ready for launch. The director of CaroBus, Anton Koppel, told the Russian news site Fontanka:

I don’t see anything abnormal in a bed like this. Some become doctors, some bakers, and some soldiers.

The bed, of which CaroBus has sold about 10, was part of a “future defenders of the motherland” series. It has prompted an outcry in comments on the product page. One user wrote:

Will there be burnt toys as a bonus?

Moscow has denied the Dutch investigation’s findings that a Buk crossed into Russia-backed separatists’ territory in Ukraine. Sergei Lavrov declined to apologise for the disaster, arguing the inquiry had not named those suspected of firing the missile.


Children’s bed – Missile launcher “Buk M-1”
We present to your attention a new product from our factory – bed Missile launcher “Buk M-1”!
Sleeping default place – whole stove.
Bed height in the crib – 38 cm.
Cot – Rocket launcher may be manufactured in two sizes:
Size S – sleeper 80 x 140 cm, overall size 85 x 170 cm
Size M – berth 80 x 160 cm, overall size 85 x 190 cm
Height of sides from floor : size S – 66 cm, M – 70 cm.
The mattress in the bed price is not included.
The license plate with the name of the baby – as a gift!
Term of manufacturing of this model: 15 working days.
See also cot cars in stock in Saint-Petersburg here.

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