“breaks off talks” is nothing like “breaks off relations,” after all

Pindostan suspends Syria ceasefire talks with Russia
Lesley Wroughton. Reuters, Oct 3 8 pm EDT

WASHINGTON – Pindostan broke off talks with Russia on Monday on implementing a ceasefire agreement in Syria and accused Moscow of not living up to its commitments under the Sep 9 deal to halt fighting and ensure aid reached besieged communities. The confirmation that the Pindo-Russian talks on Syria have collapsed suggests that there is little hope, if any, of a diplomatic solution emerging anytime soon. Adm (retd) Kirby said in a statement:

Pindostan is suspending its participation in bilateral channels with Russia that were established to sustain the cessation of hostilities.

Jackass Kerry last spoke to Sergei Lavrov on Saturday, a senior State Dept boxtop said, after (he had already) threatened last week to walk away from the talks. In Moscow, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Russian news agencies that Pindfostan was trying to shift blame onto Russia, which in recent days had tried to sustain the agreement. But Assad’s forces, supported by Iranian-backed militia and Russian air-power, have since last week stepped up their offensive against rebel-held areas of Aleppo, bombing hospitals and damaging water supplies. In the north-eastern city of Hasaka, a bomb killed at least 20 people at a Kurdish wedding, according to a Kurdish militia and a monitoring group. A Pindo intelligence official said:

(This) bombing campaign is one of the deadliest since the civil war erupted in 2011. These air-strikes, mostly focused on Aleppo, have utilized a wide variety of deadly munitions, including barrel bombs, thermobaric bombs, incendiary munitions, cluster bombs and bunker-busters.

The end of the talks could trigger deeper Pindo consideration of military options such as providing more sophisticated arms, logistical support, and training to Syrian rebel groups, either directly or via Turks & Toads. But the speed with which the ceasefire collapsed after a UN aid convoy was bombed in Syria appeared to take some officials in the Obama administration by surprise and without a clear plan on the immediate way forward. Just before Monday’s announcement, Putin suspended a treaty with Washington on cleaning up weapons-grade plutonium, signalling he was willing to use nuclear disarmament as a new bargaining chip in disputes with Pindostan over Ukraine and Syria. The senior State Dept boxtop dismissed links between the suspension of talks on Syria and Putin’s announcement. Amid the growing tensions, the State Dept announced that the top Pindo diplomat on Europe including Russia (V Nudelman – RB) will travel to Moscow later this week to hold talks with senior Russian officials on Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. Kirby said that Pindostan would continue to communicate with the Russian military to ensure that Pindostani and Russian aircraft targeting Daesh positions in Syria do not come into conflict with each other. But he said that Pindostan would withdraw all personnel it had dispatched to prepare for military cooperation with Russia under the latest ceasefire agreement. Kirby said:

Unfortunately, Russia failed to live up to its own commitments …and was also either unwilling or unable to ensure Syrian regime adherence to the arrangements to which Moscow agreed.

De Mistura said he “deeply regrets” the Pindo announcement but vowed “to push energetically for a political solution” to end the war. Meanwhile, diplomats said the UNSC would begin to negotiate on Monday a draft resolution that urges Russia and Pindostan to ensure an immediate truce in Aleppo. China’s UN Ambassador Liu Jieyi said now was the time for more cooperation, but Britain’s Ambassador to the UN Matthew Rycroft said he was not surprised by Washington’s action. Vitaly Churkin told reporters Russia wanted to avoid a “human catastrophe” and was choosing its targets carefully. He said:

The situation has been allowed to degenerate into this awful, awful mess and we’re trying to find a way out of it and trying to make sure the black flags are not going to fly over Damascus.

Colonel Cassad, Oct 4 2016 16:24 MSK


After yesterday’s rupture of diplomatic relations in Syria today, the parties continued to exchange accusations and threats.

  1. Jackass Kerry accused Russia that it is “irresponsible” supports the Assad regime and does not allow to change it. Along the way, the State Dept insists that the flights were banned by the Russian and Syrian aircraft.
  2. Pindostan projected plutonium ignored the ultimatum. Russia, in turn, ignored the exhortations and threats, and continued to support the assault on Aleppo, simultaneously accusing Pindostan that they are ready to make a deal with AQ out of hatred for Assad.
  3. As the Pindo press published information that the Kremlin in Syria deploys S-300 (we are talking about the S-300VM) oriented to intercept cruise missiles, which will lead to the strengthening of the air defense umbrella over Syria.
  4. On Friday announced the decision of the State Duma on the indefinite location in Syria enhanced aviation group VKS RF. We are talking about the return to the level of the air campaign, which was until Feb 2016. If so, it’s on the front will go much better.
  5. The UN brought the subject to overcome the Russian veto on Syria: it wants to push through the international criminal court, so it does not hang in the UNSC. Russia is unlikely to agree. Will probably refuse, and China.
  6. In political and military experts of the Russian Federation and Pindostan intensified the issue of increasing military involvement on both sides (from Pindostan, the supply of anti-tank systems and MANPADS; from the Russian Federation, an increase in the supply of aircraft, artillery and MLRS).
  7. In the Pindosi ‘conservative’ press and in statements by members of the Senate, increasingly emerges the theme of new sanctions against Russia, but there is no doubt that this issue will be resolved under the Obama administration. Everyone is waiting for the elections.
  8. Mid-Feb 2017, the year announced the transfer tank brigade from Colorado to Poland. Along with it will be sent, and a battalion of the air force. Activities for the transfer to begin in early 2017.

Amid Syrian escalation, today in Moscow arrives Nuland (V Nudelman – RB) for discussion of the Minsk agreements. I guess the upcoming developments in the Donbass once again demonstrate the interdependence of these two wars. The impasse in relations between Pindostan and Russia in Syria, logically complements the existing impasse in the Donbass. Tensions on Syria, in turn, makes it virtually impossible for any long-term agreement on the Donbass. Europe cannot resolve this conflict, it is primarily a question of the conflict between Pindostan and Russia. With the current escalation in Syria, it is extremely naive would expect any serious changes in the positions of the parties on Donbass associated with concessions to the opponents. On the contrary, the worsening conflict in Syria will push both sides to pursue a more assertive position in Ukraine, although a replica of the Minsk agreements and will simulate the preservation of certain diplomatic illusions about the peaceful resolution of conflict, as for example happens with the talks on the Syrian political settlement. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that in the background of “unilateral branches” in the Donbass continues not to fix the challenge, and pulling additional forces APU to the front line NATO about what is happening on duty spoke on the topic no alternative to the Minsk agreements and the need to pass the boundaries of the LDNR from Russia to the Kiev junta. On here for a long time uncontested infeasibility. And it is doubtful that the visit Nuland, something can change.

In general, the degree of conflict increases, the diplomatic methods are becoming less effective, so we see the strengthening and militarization of the rhetoric of both sides saber rattling and mutual threats. In the context of the Cold War, such aggravation could lead to a situation where the voltage will continue using power at certain theaters of military operations, in order to change the prevailing strategic stalemate potent means. Therefore, we can assume that by the end of fall possible military escalation on all fronts of the Pindo-Russian confrontation, and it may relate to both the existing fronts in Syria and Ukraine, and those potential areas of conflict, where the opposition has not yet openly manifested itself. The Caliphate will win more than others from what is happening between Pindostan and Russia, since the aggravation of the conflict between the “Crusaders” will lead to dispersion of resources on their internecine struggle among themselves, and consequently the pressure on the Caliphate is not as strong as it could be, if the Pindosi and Russian coalition carried out a joint strategy to destroy them. It’s as if Pindostan and the British Empire has waged a Cold War against the Soviet Union during WW2 without waiting for the final defeat of the Third Reich, then Germany would get a real chance to use it, as dreamed by Hitler and Goebbels (though they couldn’t hang on long enough for it to happen). However, reason prevailed, and for all the antagonism between Pindostan, the British Empire and the Soviet Union, their leadership was able until the end of the war to limit their collaboration in the destruction of the main enemy.

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