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Jackass says Syria peace efforts must continue
Reuters, Oct 4 2016 0837 EDT

Jackass Kerry criticized Russia on Tuesday for its “irresponsible and profoundly ill-advised decision” to back Assad and said efforts to end the war in Syria must continue, in spite of the Pindosi decision to break off talks with Moscow. Jackass said in a speech in Brussels:

I want to be clear that we are not giving up on the Syrian people and we are not abandoning the pursuit of peace. We will continue to pursue a meaningful, sustainable, enforceable cessation of hostilities throughout the country, and that includes the grounding of Syrian and Russian combat aircraft in designated areas.

Pindostan broke off talks with Russia on Monday on implementing a ceasefire agreement in Syria, accusing Moscow of not living up to its commitments under the deal to halt fighting and ensure aid reached besieged communities. Jackass said Pindostan would work to create conditions for a resumption of peace talks and added that Russia and Syria “know exactly what they need to do.” He charged that Russia had “turned a blind eye” to Assad’s “deplorable” use of chlorine gas and barrel bombs and suggested they were pursing a scorched earth policy in place of diplomacy. “Where they make a desert, they call it peace (sic – RB),” he said, quoting the Roman historian Tacitus. He said if Russia was serious about peace, it would have to behave differently than it was now in Syria.

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