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State Dept studying diplomatic, military and other options on Syria
Reuters, Oct 4 2016

WASHINGTON – The State Dept is looking at multilateral and unilateral options for dealing with the war in Syria going forward, including diplomatic, military, intelligence and economic options, it said on Tuesday. State Dept spokesman Mark Toner said that following the collapse of Pindo-Russian effort to achieve a cease-fire in Syria, Pindostan was “looking at a range of options,” either working with other countries or alone. Quoth Toner:

We always consider unilateral options when looking at a situation like Syria, but we’re also looking at how we can leverage and work with the other members of the International Syria Support Group.

Russia says has deployed S-300 missile system to Syria
Reuters, Oct 4 2016

The Russian Defence Ministry said on Tuesday it had deployed an S-300 missile system to its Tartus naval base in Syria. The ministry said in a statement”

The missile battery is intended to ensure the safety of the naval base … It is unclear why the deployment of the S-300 caused such alarm among our Western partners.

Pindo media reported earlier this week that Russia had sent the S-300 system to Syria at the weekend.

Russia prepares for Pindo strike by deploying advanced missile defense system in Syria
Ron Ben-Yishai, Ynet, Oct 4 2016

Pindo boxtops told Fox News on Tuesday evening that Putin has deployed SA-23 surface to air missiles in Syria. In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement, saying that it has deployed an S-300 missile system to Syria. All this comes as Putin declared that he is freezing the plutonium agreement between Pindostan and Russia, a move allegedly caused by Pindostan freezing talks with the Russians on Syria, along with other “unfriendly actions.” The Pindo boxtops claimed that these missile systems were put in place to ward off attacks by Pindo or vassal air forces. The missile system, which can shoot anything down within a 150-mile radius, was set up at the Russian military base in Tartus. The missiles and their components are still in their crates and are not yet operational. The Pindo boxtops claimed that this is the first time SA-23 missiles are being deployed outside of Russia. The Russians sent the S-400 to Syria after one of their planes was shot down by Turkey. The SA-23 can fire two different types of missiles. A smaller missile is used against aircraft and cruise missiles and is known by NATO as Gladiator. The larger missile is used against intermediate-range ballistic missiles and jamming aircraft and is known as Giant. Both missiles use the same type of warhead containing over 300 pounds of explosives, according to

While the purpose is not clear, one Pindo boxtop asked sarcastically, “Nusra doesn’t have an air force, do they? ISIS also does not fly any manned aircraft or possess cruise missiles. Therefore, the Pindo boxtops see the deployment of the SA-23 to Syria as a sign that Russia is directing its actions to protect itself against any potential attack from Pindostan & its vassals. Russian actions reportedly reflect from react to a joint statement by officials in both London and Washington that the two countries are weighing “non-diplomatic ways and means” to stop the Russians and Syrians from bombing the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo. It is possible that this statement was referring to military actions that seek to attain several goals, first among them being to neutralize and diminish the Syrian Air Force’s battle readiness, primarily their helicopters, which continuously drop unguided barrel bombs on the civilian population. Another likely goal is to stop Russian deliveries of bunker-busting missiles to the Aleppo area. This could be done by Pindostan shooting ballistic missiles at Russian and Syrian air force bases or shooting Russian and Syrian aircraft themselves. By carrying out such an attack, Pindostan would not be forced to get involved in direct fighting either on the ground or in the air. Pindostan could also use non-nuclear ballistic missiles for this purpose, or use cruise missiles that are already deployed on ships in the Sixth Fleet, which patrols the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The Russian air defense missiles are designed to defend against cruise missiles similar to what Pindostan has in its arsenal. The difference, however, between the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system that Russia deployed after one of their jets was shot down by Turkey last year and their SA-23 missiles, is that the SA-23 are designed for defense against low flying planes and missiles, as opposed to high flying ballistic missiles. The presence of these two types of missiles on Syrian soil diminishes the deterrence factor against Syria and Hezbollah, and in a roundabout way, Iran. All of this at a time when no one knows if the Americans will begin ground operations in Syria. The issue Israel has with these Russian air defense missiles in Syria is that Israeli planes flying in Israeli airspace or over the sea that are “returning fire” on targets in Syria or Lebanon may be shot down. The Russians may also choose to use these missiles against Israeli warplanes carrying out other operations in the region. In an effort to move toward de-escalation, the UNSC discussed on Monday an immediate ceasefire proposal in Aleppo. Russia, for its part, declared that it had no intention to support the grounding of fighter jets. Referring to moral accusations lobbied against his country, Vitaly Churkin additionally refuted claims that Russia was responsible for bombing hospitals and aid convoys, saying that Russia never intentionally strikes civilian targets, and that if it was not for Russia’s involvement in Syria, the black flag would already have been raised in Damascus.

Kremlin hopes ‘political wisdom’ prevails
AFP, Oct 4 2016

Moscow said Tuesday it hopes “political wisdom” will prevail in Washington regarding cooperation in Syria after Pindostan dropped ceasefire talks with Russia over its support of the regime in Damascus. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters:

Washington’s suspension of talks does not mean that Russia will renounce its plans to assist Syria’s armed forces in the fight against terrorism. We would like to hope for the presence of political wisdom and the continuation of exchanges on particularly sensitive issues that are necessary for maintaining peace and security. As far as we understand, exchanges between our militaries are ongoing and will continue.

Pindostan said Monday it was suspending negotiations with Russia to revive a failed ceasefire and set up a joint centre to coordinate the fight against Jihadis, saying Moscow had “failed to live up to its own commitments” and stepped up its military operations instead. Adm (retd) Kirby said the Russian and Pindo militaries will continue to use a communications channel set up to ensure their forces do not get in each others’ way during “counter-terrorism operations in Syria. Jackass Kerry said Tuesday that Washington is still seeking peace in Syria despite having suspended negotiations with Moscow. He accused Russia of turning a “blind eye” to the use of weapons by Assad’s forces, including chlorine gas, against rebels and civilians in Syria.

Syrian government has yet to approve October aid convoys plan
Reuters, Oct 4 2016

The Syrian government has yet to respond to the UN proposed plan for life-saving aid convoys in Syria during the month of October, UN emergency relief coordinator Stephen O’Brien said on Tuesday, noting that the last “cross line” convoy was on Sep 25. O’Brien told Reuters in an interview last Friday that he awaited a list of green-lighted destinations from the Damascus government later that day. UN humanitarian spokesman Jens Laerke told a news briefing:

We are still awaiting approval of the October plan. It was expected to be on Sep 30, according to standards and guidelines of such things. This has been a consistent issue for us for years, that we do not get the approvals.

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