murid has a record for defeatism (re libya)

El Murid, Oct 5 2016

The Pindostanis are said to be “studying” the possibility of a strike on Assad’s forces in Syria. They are discussing this in the Western media, and mostly they are talking like it’s a decision already made: the question is timing. The attack is planned as a combination of aircraft, rockets and even artillery strikes on runways of airfields, C & C nodes, army barracks and manpower and equipment dumps. Probably government ministries will be attacked also under the “guise.” Up to 200 cruise missiles can be used for shock value, plus aircraft from airfields in the Gulf and the Mediterranean. Naturally, the air strikes will be supported by the Toads and the Western vassals of Pindostan. The question is, perhaps, only in massaging and the timing of such an operation. Concern about opposition to these actions on the part of Russia is unnecessary. We have no forces in the region able to parry or even to inflict unacceptable damage. It is clear that in the case of any such attempts, our group will also be a military objective. As shown by the demonstration exercises of the Pindosis in Deir ez-Zor, no practical difficulties would arise for them, either during the attack or after. The outrage in Russia has not resulted in any noticeable action. On the other hand, everything is logical. The Soviet military warned that Syria is a trap. The military would have been smarter than this by orders of magnitude. Indeed, the USSR would have waited 4 years to help the ally. To question “the decision” and try to anticipate events in such a volatile environment is ridiculous. But they are beginning to acquire a momentum of their own.

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