critique of max’s thang


Moon of Alabama has some interesting things to add, and Vanessa Beeley really takes him down on her Facebook page. Max talks about the numbers of people the White Helmets have saved and seems to accept it is many thousands, but in truth it could be next to none. I’m not sure what Max is up to, but I don’t trust him.
Doug Colwell

Petri Krohn’s research:,_August_12,_2016

Vanessa Beeley’s article:

Lisa Goldman called the article “morally reprehensible” for opposite reasons to Moon & Vanessa:

See Murtaza Hussain’s pro-White Helmets article of Oct 1:

Other links:
Overthrowing the Syrian Government: A Joint Criminal Enterprise.
Actor Says He Impersonated Russian Mercenary in Syria for Sky News Report.
White Helmet Save Aleppo Protest proves how easy it is to dress up actors as war victims.
MSM Misleading Syria Siblings.

My own previous compilations:
Deep in the Bowels of Nonsense & Phony Foundations: The Origins of the White Helmets.
These Fucking TV Make-Up Artists have been exposed innumerable fucking times,
but the Western MSM respond like they’re on horse tranquillizers or something
Special Evil Motherfuckers Supplement, now with added mendacity.
White Helmets or What.
A New Hagiography of the White Helmets.
You Get So Tired of the White Helmets.


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    Thank you Rowan.

  2. niqnaq
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    You’re welcome.


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    If it’s alright with you, I’d like to pilfer your post, albeit making proper attribution, of course.

  4. niqnaq
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    No need to attribute, this is a public service.

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    Many thanks.

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