jeffrey st clair

Roaming Charges: Intimations of Apocalypse (excerpts)
Jeffrey St Clair, Counterpunch, Oct 7 2016

Get Assange
Wikileaks turned 10 this week and held an eagerly awaited news conference in Berlin to mark the occasion. Many, including Roger Stone, Trump’s Dr Caligari, anticipated that Julian Assange would use the occasion to dump a new avalanche of damaging DNC documents that might bury Clinton. Stone went so far as to predict that the Clinton campaign would be dead by Wednesday. Alas, the October Surprise didn’t materialize. But the fear of Assange in Democrat circles remains palpable. The liberal elites really believe that Assange has his fingers on documents that will damn the Democrats, and Clinton, with their own words. This fear reflects a consciousness of guilt, doesn’t it? Yet Assange is the one who should be watching his back. We have previously reported how Clinton intimate Bob Beckel called openly for Assange to be shot. This week came an even more chilling glimpse into the petty and paranoid mind of Hillary Clinton. The website TruePundit quotes State Dept boxtops who recalled a Nov 2010 meeting at Foggy Bottom where Clinton, reeling from the aftershocks of the CableGate leaks, asked her inner circle:

Why can’t we just drone this guy?

I spend about 20 minutes a day in the Twittersphere. More than that and one begins to nod off from carbon monoxide poisoning. But the endless scroll of Tweets on my feed this week showed evidence that Assange Fever had infected even normally rational outposts such as The Nation. On Wednesday, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, the editor of The Nation, retweeted a column from the WaPo, the paper which has called for their own source Edward Snowden to face trial for treason under the Espionage Act, with the tag:

Margaret Sullivan’s column worth reading/ When is transparency too radical? Never, says Assange & that’s crazy.

Perhaps Assange should seek refuge in a bunker during the next Nation cruise, just in case the SS Navasky (refs The Nation founder Victor Navasky – RB) targets the Ecuadoran Embassy with fusillades of renewal notices, solicitations and unsold back issues, a bombardment which would infuse new meaning to “cruise missiles.” The Nation’s risible endorsement of HRC is so laughable that it would have done the impossible: united those old foes, Alexander Cockburn and Christopher Hitchens, in their ridicule. According to the electoral bookies at the NYT, Hillary now has an 82% chance of thumping Trump. With those odds, The Nation’s editors could have afforded to be honest with their readers about Hillary’s deplorable neolib economic policies and neocon militarism. But that’s not The Nation’s role. It’s political function is to keep the center Left securely corralled inside the Democrat Party machine.


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    Ever since Willie Nelson brought rednecks into an alliance with hippies back in the psychedelics, Austin has milked its quirky libertarian spirit for a worldwide bonanza of free publicity -Douglas Brinkley

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    World HQ of Aleister Crowley’s OTO…

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