news from far-off bamako

Leader for former Tuareg separatist group killed in Mali
AP, Oct 8 2016

BAMAKO, Mali — The spokesman for a former Tuareg rebel group says its leader has been killed after attending a meeting at a UN camp in the northern Mali town of Kidal. Almouzamile Ag Mohamed, spokesman for the High Council for the Unity of Azawad, said Sheikh Aoussa was killed Saturday in a car explosion after leaving the UN peacekeeping mission’s Kidal camp where he met with officials to discuss security. Aoussa’s group, along with other Tuareg separatist groups, is a signatory to a 2015 peace accord with Mali’s government. A French-led military intervention drove Islamic extremists out of north Mali in 2013, though instability remains. Aoussa’s group in 2013 broke ties with AQ-linked Ansar Dine, who continue to carry out attacks on UN ‘peacekeepers’ and Malian ‘security forces,’ killing several last week.

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