vlad the impaler

Hollande says unsure whether to submit to his foul caress receive Putin during Paris visit
Reuters, Oct 9 2016

PARIS – Hollande said he was unsure whether to see his Russian counterpart when he visits Paris on Oct 19 and condemned Vladimir Putin’s “unacceptable” support for Syrian air strikes, in excerpts from a TV interview released on Sunday. The full interview is to be broadcast on Monday, TF1 television said. Asked whether he would receive Putin, Hollande said:

Probably… I’m still asking myself the question. Can we do anything that will make him stop what he is in the process of committing with the Syrian regime, which is supporting the bombing of Aleppo’s population by its air forces? They are today the victims of war crimes. Those who commit these acts will be held responsible, including before the International Criminal Court.

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