this comes from the canary, which contains nafeez ahmed among others

New Clinton email reveals direct support for ISIS from two powerful Western allies
Brad Hoff, The Canary, Oct 11 2016


A new Hillary Clinton email published by WikiLeaks as part of the ongoing release of hacked campaign files confirms that Daesh has state backing. And from powerful Western allies, no less. Anti-terrorism analysts have long seen Daesh as a non-state-affiliated actor which grew out of an AQ insurgency in Iraq (and later Syria). But the email sent by Clinton herself (dated Sep 27 2014) shows there’s much more to the story. The lengthy email contains a summary assessment of proposed Pindosi policy plans in Iraq and Syria. This is based on what the email internally describes as Western and Pindosi intelligence sources. Most of the document lays out strategies for pushing Daesh back in the Middle East. But one section bluntly describes the Toads & Thanis as direct supporters of Daesh:

We need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the Toads & Thanis, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region. … The Toads & Thanis will be put in a position of balancing policy between their ongoing competition to dominate the Sunni world and the consequences of serious Pindo pressure.


Clinton herself sent the 2014 email directly from her personal account to campaign chairman John Podesta. But the intelligence content has the look and style of Sidney Blumenthal’s authorship. Blumenthal is a long-time top Clinton advisor who has provided many such sensitive intelligence briefings to Clinton, even when she was Sec State. It appears that Clinton either copied or forwarded the intelligence briefing which was the basis for the short exchange with Podesta. The NYT recently described the Toads as both “both the arsonists and the firefighters” in the Middle East. This is because the controversial kingdom clamps down on terrorism at home, while promoting its version of Wahhabi ultra-conservatism abroad. The Toads’ relationship with Britain and Pindostan goes back decades, as the oil-rich nation entered into an ‘oil for security‘ pact with the West which can be traced to the Carter administration, and even to FDR. As such, it has spanned both Republican and Democrat administrations in Pindostan. And it has meant that the West has routinely looked the other way as the Toads export extremism, funding a large number of radical mosques and organisations around the world. Beginning in 1979, the West actively sponsored the rise of a mujahidin army in central Asia in partnership with the Toads to fight against Soviet troops. Historians view the current Pindo-Anglo-Toad covert intervention in Syria as a parallel situation to that of Afghanistan in the 1980s. More recently, the Gulf kingdom has negotiated record-breaking weapons deals with the UK. In Syria, the West and the Toads have supported a Jihad which seeks to topple the Assad government. Leaked documents provided to the WaPo by Edward Snowden confirmed a CIA covert Syria programme which costs $1b/yr. The secret programme, given the name Timber Sycamore, has involved close coordination with the Saudis and other Gulf regimes like Qatar. Moreover, a 2012 Pentagon intelligence report (declassified in 2015) predicted that “an Islamic state” would arise out of the Western/Gulf covert program which sought to overthrow the Syrian government. The White House allegedly knew about the secret report. And it was widely circulated within the intelligence community. It specifically names “the West” and “Gulf Countries” as the prime movers backing the Jihad in Syria. In short, analysts have long acknowledged indirect Toad support of Daesh. But Clinton’s email is the first known intelligence memo which spells out direct Toad support of the Wahhabi terror group. This leaked email alone should cause the media and Western governments to demand a radical reevaluation of the West’s priorities in the Middle East.

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