Putin rejects meddling in Pindo election
Reuters, Oct 13 2016

MOSCOW – Putin insists his country isn’t involved in an effort to influence the US presidential election, even as WikiLeaks released another trove of internal documents from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Last week, the Pindo government formally accused Russia of launching a hacking campaign to “interfere with the Pindo election process.” Clinton’s campaign, which claims the Kremlin is trying to help Donald Trump win, took its allegations a step further on Tuesday when John Podesta, chairman of Clinton’s campaign, accused the Trump campaign of colluding with Russia. At events in Florida, Trump said he had nothing to do with Putin or Russia. He said:

I promise you, I don’t have any business deals with Russia.

In Moscow, Putin said nothing in the hacking scandal is in Russia’s interests and accused all sides in the Pindo presidential campaign of misusing rhetoric about Russia for their own purposes. Putin told a business forum:

This has nothing to do with Russia’s interests. We will work with whoever wins the election, if, of course, the new leader wishes to work with our country.

WikiLeaks this week released thousands of emails from Podesta’s email account and has not said how it obtained them. Last week, it posted excerpts from Clinton’s private speeches to banking and financial firms. The Clinton campaign has not confirmed the authenticity of the messages. The leaks, coming as the election campaign reaches the final stretch, have the potential to embarrass the Clinton camp. Clinton, a former Sec State, has repeatedly accused Trump of having overly friendly ties with Putin and Russia. She has noted that Trump’s foreign policies have tended to align with Russian’s interests, whether it has been questioning NATO’s role in defending Eastern Europe, failing to recognise Russia’s intrusion into Ukraine, and supporting Russia’s actions in Syria.

Putin Says Militants in Aleppo Use Civilians as Shields
Vladimir Isachenkov, AP, Oct 12 2016

MOSCOW – Russia is fighting AQ-linked militants in Syria who are using civilians as human shields in the city of Aleppo, Putin said in televised remarks released Wednesday. Putin, speaking to French TF1 television, also said that Moscow is ready to work with the next Pindo president, but added:
It’s easier to work with those who want to work with us. If Trump says ‘I want to work with Russia,’ we can only welcome that, but that work must be mutually honest.

Turning to Aleppo, where Russia’s support of the Syrian army offensive has caused international opprobrium, Putin said:

We can’t allow terrorists to use people as human shields and blackmail the entire world.

He criticized Pindostan for failing to combat the AQ offshoot in Syria, saying:

They want to use the combat potential of these terrorist organizations and radicals to pursue their own political goals, in this case, to combat President Assad and his government. They don’t understand that they can’t simply stall them and force them to abide by civilized norms.

He also blamed Washington for thwarting the ceasefire in Syria by failing to encourage moderate rebels to break ties with the AQ-linked militants. Putin said Russia would be willing to deploy its troops along a key highway to Aleppo to protect humanitarian aid deliveries, if Pindostan also deploys its soldiers. He added that Washington had refused to do so during the unsuccessful ceasefire and was unable to persuade the rebels to pull back from the road in sync with Syrian troops. He claimed that the rebels fired at a humanitarian convoy outside Aleppo, an attack that Pindostan and its vassals blamed on Russia. Putin said he canceled a scheduled visit to France next week after Hollande refused to take part in the opening of a Russian church and a cultural center and said he only was willing to discuss Syria. Putin said:

If the main reason for my trip to Paris is seen as inappropriate, then we can find another opportunity to meet and talk about Syria.

Putin said Assad should be given a chance to take part in the next election under strict international control and if he agrees to step down if he loses. He said”

I don’t understand who can be uncomfortable with that democratic way of solving the issue of governance.

Putin says Aleppo war crimes accusations are ‘rhetoric’
Reuters, Oct 12 2016

PARIS – French accusations that the bombing of Aleppo amounts to war crimes are rhetoric, Putin said in an interview with French television TF1 aired on Wednesday. Putin said in comments translated into French and recorded on Tuesday:

It’s political rhetoric that doesn’t make a lot of sense and doesn’t take account of the reality in Syria. I am deeply convinced that it’s our Western partners, and especially Pindostan, that are responsible for the situation in the region in general and Syria in particular.

Putin accuses France of trickery over Syria resolution
Reuters, Oct 12 2016

MOSCOW – Putin on Wednesday accused France of deliberately luring Moscow into vetoing a UNSCR on Syria, and questioned whether Paris was doing the bidding of Pindostan. Putin said France had proposed the resolution without consulting Moscow and knowing that Russia would be obliged to use its veto because the resolution laid all the blame for the violence on Damascus. Speaking at a business forum in Moscow, Putin said he valued his relations with France, but he asked if it was becoming of such a major power as France to be doing the bidding of the Obama administration on Syria.

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