adelson & trump

Trump on Adelson: ‘Good paper, owned by a great guy’
Shuki Tausig, +972 Magazine, Oct 14 2016

At rally in Nevada last week, Donald Trump mentioned Sheldon Adelson, the casino mogul and patron of Netanyahu. Trump said in the course of of an attack on the Affordable Care Act, Barack Obama’s flagship healthcare program:

Did you read that in your good paper? Good paper, owned by a great guy! Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon Adelson!

The “great paper” he referred to is the Las Vegas Review Journal, the largest newspaper in Nevada, which Adelson anonymously purchased last year. The identity of the purchaser was only revealed through investigative journalism by the paper’s reporters, who found that he paid significantly more than market value. The paper’s journalists went on to write a series of articles critical of Adelson and the new ownership’s attempts to influence the editorial line. That is, until its top editors and writers were replaced and the critical voices were silenced. Back at the rally last week, Trump made sure to note that Adelson is a “big supporter of Israel.” Perhaps the largest donor to Republican political campaigns this season (though he has given far less than the $100m he donated in the 2012 campaign), Adelson sat on the fence in the current election until he announced his support for Trump in May. A few weeks ago, Adelson pledged $25m to a Super-PAC supporting Trump, according to The Guardian. In Israel, Adelson’s newspaper Israel Hayom provides favorable coverage of Trump, who has held numerous positions on Israel during the campaign, not all of which have sat well with Adelson’s views, the most memorable of which was when he said Washington should be neutral toward Israel. It is worth noting that Trump did not always think of Adelson as a “great guy.” When the casino mogul had pledged support for Republican rival Marco Rubio’s campaign in Oct 2015, Trump tweeted this:

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