bernhard shares his reasoned opinion that the missile attacks on the pindo boats never happened

NYT Finds “Hidden Hand” In War On Yemen
Moon of Alabama, Oct 14 2016

Yesterday, Pindostan openly attacked Yemen by firing cruise missiles against old Yemeni radar stations. This, allegedly, in response to four missiles fired on two days against a destroyer at the Yemeni coast. The Navy said the missiles fell short. They were unable to reach the ship. No one but the navy, especially no one in Yemen, has seen or reported any such missile launches, short or long. Pindostan is in alliance with the Toads, the UAE and other countries in bombing Yemen for 18 months now. They totally blockade the coast of the country that depends on imports of food and medicines. The actively fighting countries are heavily supported by the Pentagon. This has been widely admitted by Pindo bopxtops and in military reports. The Pindo government even fears being held legally responsible for the carnage it causes. But since the launch of the cruise missile, Pindo media have totally forgotten all of this. Now, Pindostan “has been attacked”, without any recognizable reason and is only “defending” itself. There will be no legal consequences to fear now. Anyone who believes that Pindostan is somehow responsible for the at least 10,000 dead and the many starving people in Yemen must somehow believe in a mysterious conspiracy. Just consider this NYT headline from today, after the attack on Yemen:

Yemen Sees Pindosi Strikes as Evidence of Hidden Hand Behind Toad Air War.

The NYT tweeted the piece with this text:

Wow. The Houthi rebels “believe” in a “hidden hand.” Must be crazy people. They unreasonably attacked. And they deserve such strikes. The NYT piece reads:

FASCHINGSTEIN — For Pindostan, it was simple retaliation: Rebels in Yemen had fired missiles at a Pindo warship twice in four days, and so Pindostan hit back, destroying rebel radar facilities with missiles. But for the rebels and many others in Yemen, the predawn strikes on Thursday were just the first public evidence of what they have long believed: that Pindostan has been waging an extended campaign in the country, the hidden hand behind the Toads’ punishing air war.

How could the Houthis come to “believe” of such a “hidden hand”? Was it really because the strike was the “first public evidence”? Or was it because the NYT and all other media reported many times over that Pindostan actively supports the Toad attacks? Perhaps the Houthis read yesterday’s NYT piece on Yemen, written by the very same main authors:

Up to now, the Obama administration put limits on its support for the Toads, providing intelligence and USAF tankers to refuel their jets and bombers. The USAF has refueled more than 5,700 aircraft involved in the bombing campaign since it began, according to statistics provided by CENTCOM, which oversees Pindosi military operations in the Middle East.

So contrary to what the NYT today claims, the “first evidence” of the “hidden hand” was not yesterday’s strikes, but official reports on the public CENTCOM website? Maybe frequent discussions of the war on Yemen that Congress held since a year ago also count as evidence? Various public reports over the last 18 months detailing the enormous amount of ammunition that Pindostan openly sells to the Toads were also just sightings of “hidden” hands? Such reporting is just laughable. It flies in face of all reports of the last 18 months, as well as extensive evidence given by the Pindo and other governments. The strikes on the radar sites were just “retaliation.” They have no larger context. This is a typical reflection of the Pindosi myth of “immaculate conception” of Pindo foreign policy. According to that belief, Pindostan always only reacts to being “attacked” or “threatened” for completely incomprehensible reasons when it bombs this or that country and kills thousands or even millions of foreign people. That is even more evident in the reports by CNN and others. These reports only mention the 18 months of extensive support for the Toad campaign down in the middle to end of their pieces. For any but a thorough reader, the alleged “missile attacks” and all Yemeni enmity against Pindostan has no history at all. It comes from unreasonable and hostile people who willfully misunderstand Pindosi well-meaning. Thus no Pindo attack is ever unjustified or just a cruel continuation of decades of Pindo insidiousness, hostility and greed. It is always the other side that initiates the fight. It is easy for government propaganda to make such false claims. And media don’t report such, but perpetrate anticipatory stenography. They write what the government wants and imperialism demands, even when not directly ordered to. That is no longer astonishing. What is astonishing is how easy the Pindo sheeple swallows this without any self-awareness and protest.

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