murid as usual, slightly enigmatic

Syria. Agreement
El Murid, Oct 16 2016 01:34 MSK

In Lausanne about any truce, as expected, did not agree. However, agreed about the war. The agreements concern Jabhat al-Nusra. It is Daesh. Pindostan and Russia came to a common opinion that it is necessary to clear Nusra from Aleppo, however “moderate” is irrelevant, they bombed and cannot be destroyed. Turkey supported the plan, calling on groups controlled by them to dissociate themselves from Daesh. How will it be implemented in practice, there is a great mystery. Nevertheless, the “moderates” begin to talk about joining Nur’ed-Din al-Zinki. Apparently, that will now be “moderate.” The 12-year-old boy stabbed to death on camera has been forgotten. Well, I was wrong “moderate” with whom does not happen. Pindostan clearly hinted that if Russia will not balk at this but exactly executes the plan, to clean up Aleppo without transferring Assad, Russia will not be allowed to participate in the capture of Raqqa, in the glory of Pindostan. If Russia does balk, go threats, and clearly the scenarios of power pressure on Assad. In Iraq began heavy bombardment of Mosul. Apparently, next week it will be erased from the face of the earth, well, there are the results. Daesh surrounded the city moats with oil and machine oil by burning them and creating above the city smoke.

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