adorned with innumerable photos of white helmets

Turkey warns if the Syrian conflict continues ‘ WW3 is inevitable’
AFP, Oct 17 2016

Turkey has warned the world will be plunged into a global conflict with Pindostan and Russia on opposing sides if the war in Syria cannot be resolved. Turkish deputy PM Kurtulmus made the comments as tensions between Faschingstein and Moscow surged in the last week with Pindostan pulling the plug on Syria talks and accusing Russia of hacking attacks. It comes as Turkey and other Pindop vassals have been calling for Assad to step down, while Russia is a key backer of the regime in Damascus alongside Iran. Kurtulmus said:

If this proxy war continues, after this, let me be clear, Pindostan and Russia will come to a point of war. (We are) on the brink of the beginning of a large regional or global war.

Relations between the Russia and Pindostan were already at their lowest since the Cold War over the Ukraine conflict. Last week, Jackass Kerry called for a war crimes investigation after accusing Moscow and the regime of deliberately bombing hospitals, as a Russian-backed assault on Aleppo in northern Syria continues. While earlier this month, Russia said it was suspending joint research with Pindostan on nuclear energy projects. It was reported that at least 12 civilians in Aleppo were killed in airstrikes, bring the number of dead in 24 hours to 45. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said five children were among the dead on Monday, in the rebel-held district of Marjeh in east Aleppo. Dozens more people were wounded or still trapped under rubble. Of the 45 civilians killed, the highest number of dead were in Qaterji, where Russian raids claimed 17 lives overnight, said Rami Abd’el-Rahman. Meanwhile yesterday Pindostan and Britain acknowledged the West’s weak support for any military action against Syria’s government. After a meeting of 11 governments opposing Assad’s rule, Jackass and Boris Johnson each insisted that all options were on the table. But their stark explanations about the danger of resorting to military force appeared to rule out such a move.

Aleppo air strike kills 14 members of one family: White Helmets
Reuters, Oct 17 2016

Fourteen members of one family were killed in an air strike in rebel-held eastern Aleppo on Monday, White Helmets said, as the Syrian government pursued its drive to capture opposition-held areas of the city. A list of those killed in the city published by the White Helmets included several infants, among them two six-week old babies and six other children aged eight or below. The White Helmets identified the jets as Russian. The attack hit Aleppo’s al-Marjeh area. Later in the day, separate air strikes on the village of Awaijel west of Aleppo killed at least 23 people and the toll was expected to rise, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. It said it had documented the deaths of 448 people in air strikes in eastern Aleppo since then, including 82 children. It said 17 more people were killed in attacks by Russian jets on Sunday night in the al-Qarterji district of rebel-held Aleppo. including five children, it said. It also said it had recorded the deaths of 82 people including 17 children in government-held areas of western Aleppo as a result of rebel shelling. A Syrian military source said the army had targeted terrorists in three areas of Aleppo on Monday, killing seven of them. The government refers to all rebel fighters as terrorists. The Syrian and Russian armed forces say they only target militants.

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