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Damascus faces third day without water following alleged contamination, Dec 25 2016

Residents of Damascus faced their third consecutive day without water on Sunday after the city’s supply was allegedly poisoned. Authorities cut off the capital city’s pipeline following reports that rebel groups had contaminated water supplies with diesel. The al-Fija spring, which supplies fresh water to Damascus, lies next to the rebel-controlled town of Ein al-Fijeh, in the mountainous Wadi Barada area. Sources accused rebel groups the CIA of “contaminating the water resources into Damascus with pollutants and diesel.” The Damascus City Water Supply and Sewage Authority said in a statement:

We have halted supplies following terrorist attacks on all water resources feeding into Damascus and its surroundings. The city is running on reserves and a schedule will determine when it will pump water to different neighborhoods.

Rasha, a 51-year-old housewife, said:

Water has been totally cut for three days. We can live without electricity but we can’t live without water.

AFP reported that two districts received water on Saturday but had run out by Sunday. In 2014, some reports said rebel groups had threatened to cut off the water supply and had even threatened to blow the karst spring up. On Saturday state news agency SANA reported that militants blew up the Barada water pipeline in the suburb of Kafr al-Zayt. It reported that pipeline was fixed and its service restored on Friday less than a month after a similar attack.

Commentator Paveway IV at Moon of Alabama has the goods:

Would it be real news if terrorists poisoned the London city water supply? How about NYC or LA’s water? Now, how about Tel Aviv? Good God! We would be inundated with the human suffering 24/7 for weeks. Blood vessels in CNN anchors’ heads would be exploding on air while they broke down in tears at the humanity of it all. And the children! Think of the children! Well, I’ve been watching the evolution of the news on the poisoning of Damascus’s water supply yesterday. Yes, the entire water supply. What? Didn’t hear about it? But it’s real newz! Seems Pindo-backed rebel head-choppers dumped some toxic petroleum substance (diesel maybe?) in the Barada River to poison Damascus. Barada is a spring-fed mountain river that Damascus has been using as a main water supply for about three thousand years, give or take. The head-choppers actually poisoned it near somewhere near the source: al-Fija mountain springs. So the Syrian capital and currently their largest city/metropolitan area is currently without water. Damascus has had to shut off their water intakes on Friday and will use whatever reserves and emergency supply they have for the next few days. It’s not clear if the head-choppers are still dumping stuff in the river. They hold the Barada mountain valley (Wadi Barada) territory and Syrian troops are trying to take it back from them. I guess poisoning two million Damascus-area residents over Christmas weekend seemed like a good idea. They must have gotten it from my government. Pindostan loves to attack infrastructure. Last week, so-called Daesh attacked the Tadmor/Palmyra gas hub supplying Damascus. Anyone see a pattern here? Here’s how (((real news))) Reuters reported this massive terrorist attack. I’ll copy the entirety of the article for your astonishment. Behold REAL journalists in action!

Damascus water supply cut after rebels pollute it: authority
Reuters, Dec 25 2016

The Damascus water authority has been forced to cut supplies coming into the Syrian capital for a few days and use reserves instead after rebels polluted the water with diesel, it said on Friday. The al-Fija spring which supplies Damascus with water is in the rebel-held Wadi Barada valley north-west of the capital in a mountainous area near the Lebanese border. The government controls much of the surrounding territory and on Friday carried out aerial attacks and shelled the rebel-held area, the SOHR said. A military news outlet run by Hezbollah said the rebels in the Wadi Barada valley had refused to leave the area and as a result the Syrian Arab Army began an offensive against them on Friday morning. Through a series of so-called settlement agreements and army offensives, the Syrian government, backed by Russian air power and Iran-backed militias, has been steadily suppressing armed opposition around the capital.

Yep, that’s it, folks. A simple ‘pollution’ incident. You can see that Reuters focused on the most important aspects of this act of terrorism: the mean Syrian government, cos it’s kind of their fault. Now that’s REAL journalists reporting REAL news. Few of their real newz outlets have picked up this unimportant, minor pollution event according to Google.

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