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Deutschland on the Eve of 2017
Linh Dinh, Unz Review, Dec 26 2016

Linh Dinh’s Postcards from the End of America will be published by Seven Stories Press in Jan 2017. Tracking our deteriorating socialscape, he maintains a photo blog.

* * *

Few cultural traditions are as charming, beautiful and unifying as the German Xmas Market. For about a month, the center of each German city or town becomes a festival ground, where folks can eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company. The offerings of gluhwein, wursts, flammkuchen, fish stew, handbrot, cinnamon stars, carved figurines and tiered pyramids with propellers etc, allow one to be surrounded by such a lovely people at their most radiant. I’m blessed to have experienced Xmas Markets in Leipzig, Halle, Munich, Bozen and Berlin. Strolling through one, you feel embraced by life itself. On Dec 19 2016, a truck plowed through a Berlin Xmas Market, killing eleven innocents and injuring fifty-eight others. Though the driver fled the scene, it’s claimed that he miraculously left behind his ID. Not only that, his biography was immediately available for broadcast worldwide, then Anis Amri was expediently tracked down in Milan and shot to death, precluding a trial. Trump and others are calling this an attack on Christians, and I certainly agree, but I don’t blame Muslims, here or in the larger scheme, for they are merely pawns in the systematic deformation of not just Germany, but Europe. They’re not the ones destroying Muslim countries, insisting that even non-refugees be allowed into Europe, branding white nationalists as racists and spectacularly amplifying, with false flags, Muslim crime. Muslims have made none of the decisions behind this worsening crisis. My friend in Frankfurt has given us two previous reports from Germany. Here’s his latest.

* * *

Welcome to the madhouse, a country suffering from dementia and denial, and therefore poised for big, big trouble. With Berlin, we just had the first major terror attack in Germany, after several small ones:

  • a guy with an axe tried to chop a Chinese family to pieces on a train near Würzburg;
  • a suicide bomber killed himself and wounded ten people at a concert in Ansbach;
  • in Hamburg, somebody stabbed a teenager to death while Daesh claimed responsibility;
  • at a Munich shopping center, an Iranian shot and killed ten people, but he was aiming for foreigners because he hated them, he said, so perhaps this was a right wing attack? Everything is possible these days. Back to the topic;
  • a 16-year-old girl rammed a knife into a policeman’s throat, having been inspired by Daesh;
  • a guy in Reutlingen stabbed a Polish woman to death with a knife;
  • we had several failed attempts to plant bombs by loony Jihadists, the last a 12-year-old boy who tried to blow one up at the Xmas market in Ludwigshafen. One of the bright future kids of Germany? I doubt it;
  • Now, we had the attack in Berlin, where 12 people were killed. As for murders or attempted murders of foreigners by these evil Nazi scums we’re constantly warned about: none for 2016!

It doesn’t take a genius to predict that 2017 will be much, much worse. I guess we will see terror attacks with hundreds, maybe even thousands of deaths, but people will do nothing against it, because, as I said, the German psyche is suffering. Like a patient in a mental asylum, Germany is not able to see and therefore to get things straight. Having been told for decades that foreigners are good and nationalism is bad, Germans can’t come to the conclusion that open borders serve not only trade, but also terrorism. Caveat: we always need to consider the possibility of the secret services’ involvement when it comes to terrorist acts. We now know that several past attacks were instigated by various secret services. There is a great journalist in Deutschland, Wolfgang Eggert, who is an expert on the topic. For example, he debunked the official story of attacks by the National Socialist Underground. NSU was a rightist extremist organization held responsible for the murders of nine Kurds in Germany between 2000 and 2006, and also for the killing of a female police officer in 2007. While we’re constantly told that it was the NSU, and that there is such a great danger from the right, Eggert could show, in several articles and interviews, that the official story just stinks.

Of course, you’ll only find this truth in the alternative media. In a few decades, the mainstream press may reveal it, when it won’t matter anymore. Same with the Red Brigades attacks in Milan in the 60s. Now, we know that a NATO secret organization named Gladio was responsible. Thanks to a whistleblower, we also know that the Munich Bomb attack during Oktoberfest 1980, blamed on Neo-Nazis, was actually instigated by the German Secret Services. But hey, that was 36 years ago, so it doesn’t really matter anymore, does it? With the recent terror attacks, we can assume that at least some of them may not have happened quite in the way we are told. For example, the police informed us recently that an identification paper of the Berlin suspect was found inside the truck! Funny how such documents are often found to identify the suspects. A passport was found in the rubble of 9/11, a passport was found in the truck after the Nice terrorist incident in 2015, and now an identification document is also found in the truck in Berlin. Damn stupid, these whacky terrorists, leaving traces everywhere!

So back to the situation. We have, still, open borders and “refugees” pouring into the country by the thousands. Mostly young men, they come from different cultural backgrounds and have totally different mindsets in regards to women, violence, the state and work, etc. Reassuring us that all is well, our media keep claiming that events like Berlin cannot be prevented, should not lead to racial hatred and have nothing to do with Islam or massive immigration. Funny, an Israeli expert on terror said on German TV that Germans should get used to these attacks. The audience and TV host nodded in agreement. We know that the majority of these refugee men will never contribute to the German labor market (as I laid out in my last report). Slowly, this also dawns on the press. We have reports about Christian refugees being hassled, beaten and threatened by the Muslim majority in the refugee centers. We still have thousands or maybe even hundreds of thousands of refugees who were never registered, who just slipped into the country and disappeared. We have the police telling us that in the last three years, the number of people who are deemed willing to instigate Islamic terror attacks in Germany has risen from 500 to 8,500. We have countless incidents of sexual harassment, violence, theft, rape etc involving refugees, but we are still told that the refugees are no more criminal than Germans.

As the government dismisses the problem, however, the number of security personnel has increased dramatically, so now you’ll find security guards at supermarkets, Christmas markets, public swimming pools and discotheques, wherever refugees go. But no, we should not connect dots. We really shouldn’t. Recently in Austria, the Interior Ministry provided these statistics about rapes, so now we know that although refugees only make up roughly 2% of the population there, they account for 15% of the rape suspects during 2015. Who should be indignant about this? Our feminists scream bloody murder when a politician says to a female journalist that she “could easily fill a dirndl,” implying she had big boobs. Oh, the outrage! Sexism! Condemn him! But funnily, our feminists are dead silent when it comes to all sexual violence committed by refugees. Remember Cologne? Real pussygrabbing in the thousands? Shhhh. better be silent. I would have really thought that was sexism, but apparently I am wrong.

It seems nobody in Germany knows Mona Eltahawy, an Egyptian feminist who has interesting things to say about Arab men and their attitude and behavior towards women. And nobody remembers studies like the one telling us, in 2013, that 99.3% of Egyptian women have experienced some form of sexual harassment, most commonly unwanted touching. No, no, no, let’s look the other way. We recently had the rape and murder of a German student in Freiburg by a refugee from Afghanistan. Getting back to the statistic from Austria (unfortunately, there are no German ones available): With 180,000 Germans and 35-40,000 Afghans in Austria, there were 10 German rape suspects and 55 Afghan ones in 2015, but please move on, there’s nothing to see! Freiburg is a leftist town full of “Refugees Welcome” supporters. Its number of incidents involving refugee violence is growing, and so is the unease. There are groups of young refugee men who are on the streets constantly because they have nothing to do. But a change of thinking? A questioning of beliefs? Nah, let’s buy pepper spray instead! Boohoo!

We know from brain research that the vast majority of humans live in a constant state of cognitive dissonance, so debating or discussing the obvious will not help. People will have to experience the consequences of their actions and decisions, and they will. In Bochum, an Iraqi refugee raped two Chinese students. The Chinese Consulate gave a travel warning for Chinese visitors. Our authorities told us to not generalize these incidents. When a German man tells a German woman that she’s a little cutie (süsse Maus), it might be bad! Oh, condemn the sexism! But when a Kurdish man ties his wife to his car and drags her through the streets of Herne, almost killing her, there is just silence. It seems that this behavior is not sexist at all. Or when an African man pours gasoline on his wife in the street, then lights her on fire, causing her death, there is, again, silence. That’s not sexist either. Like I said, we have an insane policy of welcoming foreign men who will cling to completely alien mindsets and form ghettos to live apart from Germans. Most will never be integrated into the workforce, and some will do the most horrible things here. Islam will be integrated and Sharia law will be officially accepted as equal to the Grundgesetz (the German constitution).

This is not so far-fetched as one would think. We are already constantly told that Islam is a religion of peace, that Sharia law is fine, that child marriage is not so bad as it seems etc. When a private Sharia police began patrolling the streets of Wuppertal, talking to people and telling them to stop drinking alcohol etc, the authorities put an end to this, but the Sharia policemen were NOT found guilty of anything! Quite interesting. The judge declared that the orange vests of the Sharia Police didn’t have an “intimidating or militant effect,” and since they weren’t similar to real police clothing, there was no violation of the “Uniformverbot,” a German law which prohibits people to wear uniforms as a sign of a political attitude. Charges were dropped and the Sharia policemen left the court as free men. Funnily enough, in 2008, some Germans had done a similar thing and walked the streets of Dortmund. They wore T-shirts with “Die Rechte Stadtschutz Dortmund” on it. It roughly translates as “The Right’s Urban Guard of Dortmund.” They were from a right-wing movement and talked, for example, to homosexuals to warn them against AIDS etc. Guess what? In 2014, a court ruled that they had violated the Uniformverbot. I don’t see a difference to the Sharia Police, but maybe I need to learn that two and two equals five, if I’m told that it equals five.

On the eve of the next depression, which should happen next year, this sort of migration policy is completely insane. I suspect there is a deliberate plan to fragment and weaken society so that we will accept all security measures from above. The same people that have put us into this precarious and increasingly dangerous situation will offer to save us! This is perfect Machiavellianism. Fool the plebs, then make ‘em pay while you stay in power and have your way! Hurrah! Do you want more surveillance? Ja! Total surveillance? Ja! Do you want to eliminate cash to fight terrorism? Ja! In the end, it all has to do with the collective mindset. Germans (or rather West Germans) have been told for decades that, ABOVE ALL THINGS, a new Third Reich has to be prevented! So all aspects of nationalism or even patriotism are bad, because patriotism can lead to chauvinism, which leads to Fascism, which leads to Auschwitz, and Auschwitz must never happen again!

It’s nearly a religious cult we have built around the Third Reich. Whenever somebody is to be destroyed (socially), you must only hint that he’s thinking or saying something which was also said in the Third Reich. Very effective! A German writer once called this behavior the Nazi-Keule, the “Nazi bludgeon.” If you criticize Jews, Israel, foreigners, immigration or if you say that German policy should focus on Germans etc, you will get clubbed with the Nazi bludgeon. This cult of Nazis, Auschwitz or the Third Reich is NOT to be critically debated! It is a taboo and, funnily enough, just like in a primitive society, everybody knows and fears the taboo while pretending it doesn’t exist. Interesting. So the feeling of national unity has been erased, and completely absent in younger people. Germans would rather let their society slip into chaos than accused of being Nazis. Mindfucked, we are submitting completely to avoid trouble, just as Germans submitted to Hitler back then. Hmmm, maybe Islam really is a part of Germany, as one of our presidents said. Submission here, submission there. Well, they couldn’t avoid trouble back then, and they won’t avoid trouble now.

Even more bizarrely, Germans are so brainwashed and scared that this mindset will harden even more. I see it in discussions with people. With fervor, they cling to their beliefs. We will have multiculturalism at any cost because nationalism is bad! And we will succeed, meaning that every city in Western Germany will soon have its own ghetto, that many people will be scared all the time because of muggers, rapists, terrorists, drug pushers etc. Life will go on but it will be tougher, with some areas resembling Brazil or Nigeria. I once was in Nigeria on a business trip. You can do great business there, if you have money, but life in general is tough. Make these fairly obvious observations and you will be accused of “hate speech” or maybe “fake news.” Don’t worry! Help is on the way! Our Minister of the Interior is thinking about a new law to imprison people up to five years for disseminating fake news, but what are fake news? Well, that is for the experts to decide. And hate speech must be banned! What is hate speech? Well, that is for the experts to decide. And Germans must also integrate! No joke, a journalist demanded that Germans must integrate into a multicultural society. According to another expert, they should also consider learning Arabic! And be more “culturally sensitive” towards others, as advised by a panel of immigration experts.

What Germans will do is keeping their mouths shut. They will take their children to school by car, or transferring them to other schools, if the percentage of immigrants is getting too high, and their kids get hassled for being German. They will move to another neighborhood, and make their house safe against burglars. They will buy pepper spray and hope that the situation will improve, which it won’t. We’ll deny that we are in trouble until the very end. We’ll throw our freedom away, hoping that we’ll keep our security, only to lose both. 2017 will be just another year in the process of turning Germany into a perfect prison, a prison of the mind, and a real prison too. Personally, I think we’ll either have a brutal and dangerous multicultural society in 15-20 years, or civil unrest, even war. Keep in mind that civil wars usually start because of economic troubles, and the economic troubles just ahead are huge. Should the social payments stop one day, all hell will break loose. Already 70% of the children under five in Frankfurt have an immigration background, so it’ll be either total submission or civil war. I suspect it will be the latter, and that it will start in Eastern Germany, in conjunction with a movement towards secession.

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