let me tell you about today’s nazi

First of all, it’s a female. The liberal feminazi is not a mere myth. I have met one. She is, so to speak, with me always. Always before my eyes, quite literally. Her presence is a massive hindrance to my work, however little that may be worth. And she is
un-switch-off-able. Who else is aware of this creature, squatting upon the threshold of their mind?

Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and the Limits of Democrat Party Insurgencies

Bernie Sanders, the self-styled democratic socialist from Vermont, catalyzed the discontent of many Pindosis with economic inequality and injustice, and with the mainstream of the Democrat Party, which has presided over neolibdom. However, Jeffrey St Clair argues, Sanders not only butted up against the formidable Clinton machine, but was hobbled by his own political baggage. He considers the future of social movements, after Sanders and in the age of Trump.

Resources: Jeffrey St Clair, “Bernie and The Sandernistas: Field Notes From a Failed Revolution”, Counterpunch, 2016.

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