ve ha mavin yavin (and those who know will understand)

Top Pindo intel boxtops to testify on Russian hacking
Richard Lardner, AP, Jan 5 2017

FASCHINGSTEIN — Senior Pindo intel boxtops face questions at a Senate hearing that will be dominated by the intel community’s assessment that Russia meddled in the presidential election to help Donald Trump win. The Armed Services Committee’s cyber-threats hearing on Thursday comes a day before the president-elect is to be briefed by the CIA and FBI directors, along with the DNI, on the investigation into Russia’s alleged hacking efforts. Trump has been deeply critical of their findings, even appearing to back controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s contention that Russia did not provide him with hacked DNC + Podesta emails. The committee’s session is the first in a series aimed at investigating purported Russian cyber-attacks against Pindosi interests and developing defenses sturdy enough to blunt future intrusions. Walnuts McCain, chair of the committee, said ahead of the hearing:

We will obviously be talking about the hacking, but the main thing is the whole issue of cyber-security. Right now we have no policy, no strategy to counter cyber-attacks.

Slated to appear before the Armed Services Committee are DNI Clapper; Marcel Lettre, the Under-Sec Def for Intelligence; and NSA/CYBERCOM chief Rogers. Accusations that Russia interfered in the 2016 election by hacking DNC + Podesta email accounts have roiled Faschingstein for weeks. Obama struck back at Moscow in late December with a sweeping set of sanctions targeting Russia’s leading spy agencies, the GRU and FSB, that Pindostan said were involved. The GRU is Russia’s military intelligence agency. The FSB is the main successor to the Soviet-era KGB. But the sanctions against both Russian intelligence agencies could easily be rescinded by Trump, who has so far publicly refused to accept the conclusion that Russia is responsible for the attacks, and earlier this week escalated his criticism of Pindo intel professionals such as Clapper, by tweeting without evidence that an upcoming briefing on the suspected Russian hacking had been delayed until Friday, adding:

Perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!

But the intel boxtops said there had been no delay. Trump also suggested Wednesday in a tweet that one of Russia’s primary targets, the DNC, could be to blame for being “so careless.” The sanctions imposed by Obama came after he pledged a “proportional” response to the hacking of the DNC + Podesta. Emails stolen during the campaign were released in the final weeks by WikiLeaks. DCI Brennan said in a Dec 16 message to employees that the FBI agreed with the agency’s conclusion that Russia’s goal was to support Trump in the election. Brennan wrote that he also had spoken with Clapper and said:

There is strong consensus among us on the scope, nature, and intent of Russian interference in our presidential election.

Moscow has denied the hacking allegations and dismissed Obama’s sanctions as an attempt to “harm Pindo-Russian ties.” Although Putin rebuked the Obama administration for trying to punish Russia, he said his country would not immediately retaliate and would instead wait for a new Pindo approach after Trump takes office. Trump praised Putin’s move and called him “very smart.” To buttress the case for sanctions imposed by Obama and expose Russia’s cyber-tactics, the DHS released a report prepared with the FBI that for the first time officially tied cyber-attacks into the email accounts of the DNC + Podesta to hackers affiliated with the GRU and FSB.

Colbert Can’t Believe Trump Trusts Assange More Than Them
Matt Wilstein, Daily Beast, Jan 5 2017

As Stephen Colbert put it Wednesday night, one “little shadow hanging over” this month’s inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump “is the whole ‘Russia chose our president’ thing.” He told his viewers:

Our entire intelligence community says that Russia hacked the Clinton campaign but Trump doesn’t buy it, and we know this because Trump not-so-subtly revealed that he spent last night watching Sean Hannity interview Julian Assange on Fox News. Trump tweeted on Tuesday: “The ‘Intelligence’ briefing on so-called ‘Russian hacking’ was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!” Yes, I agree! Very strange for the future commander-in-chief to use sarcastic quotations about the intelligence agencies he will soon rely on! Mr Trump, you know you’re not an outsider anymore shooting spitballs from the sidelines, right? In two weeks you’ll be “president” of the “United States!’ The meeting Trump referenced was always scheduled for Friday. That’s an interesting fact. You know where Trump could have learned that? From an intelligence meeting. Instead, Trump has decided to trust intelligence from a more reliable source: WikiLeaks founder and hobo Anderson Cooper, Julian Assange.

In the early morning hours after Hannity’s latest lovefest (sic – RB) with Assange aired on Fox, Trump tweeted out his favorite quote from the interview:

Colbert commented on this in an extraordinarily obscene and insulting way: He said:

That’s not easy! Most 14-year-olds surf the internet with just one hand!

He went on to point out that Trump follows just 42 other accounts on Twitter, most recently adding one called Emergency Kittens that tweets out photos of cats cuddling with their owners. As of just after midnight on Thursday, Trump no longer follows that account, though he does have Ann Coulter and Piers Morgan on his short list. Colbert joked delivered himself of another gratuitous obscenity, jesting:

That must be strange for Trump to see! I mean, a man being grabbed by a pussy, it’s so unusual!

Trump Is Working On A Plan To Restructure The CIA And ODNI
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jan 4 2017

Just in case the accusations that president-elect Donald Trump is a puppet of the Kremlin, intent on destabilizing and weakening the US weren’t loud enough, moments ago the WSJ assured these would hit an unprecedented level with a report that Trump, a harsh critic of Pindosi intelligence agencies, is working with top advisers on a plan that would restructure and pare back the nation’s top spy agency, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), prompted by a belief that it has “become bloated and politicized.” The ODNI was established in 2004 in large part to boost coordination between intelligence agencies following 9/11. The planning comes in a time of turbulence between Trump and Pindosi intelligence agencies. He has leveled a series of social media attacks in recent months and the past few days against them, at times dismissing and mocking their assessment, perhaps with cause. After all there is still no evidence that the Russian government hacked emails of DNC + Podesta and then leaked them to WikiLeaks and others in an effort to help Trump win the White House. According to the WSJ, among those helping lead Mr Trump’s plan to restructure the intelligence agencies is his national security adviser, Lt-Gen M Flynn, who had served as director of the DIA until he was pushed out by DNI Clapper and others in 2013. Also involved in the planning is Mike Pompeo, whom Trump selected to be his DCI. It’s not just the ODNI. One of the people familiar with Trump’s planning told the WSJ his advisors also are working on a plan to restructure the CIA, cutting back on staffing at its Langley HQ and pushing more people out into field posts around the world. The CIA declined to comment. The individual close to the Trump transition operation said:

The view from the Trump team is the intelligence world becoming completely politicized. They all need to be slimmed down. The focus will be on restructuring the agencies and how they interact.

Trump may have a point. After all it was the Democrats who accused the FBI of being so politicized that Comey’s reopening of the Clinton email server case is what cost her the presidency. Trump has listed his reasons to allege that the CIA is “politicized,” but in the other direction. He has been quite open about his feelings on the subject. In one of his Wednesday tweets, Trump referenced an interview that Julian Assange gave to Fox News in which he denied Russia had been his source for the thousands of hacked Podesta and DNC emails. As reported earlier, Trump tweeted:

Julian Assange said ‘a 14 year old could have hacked Podesta’ — why was DNC so careless? Also said Russians did not give him the info!

In response, Trump was criticized by both critturs of both sexes and by intel & police boxtops for praising Putin, for attacking Pindo intelligence agencies, and for embracing M. Assange, long viewed with disdain by government boxtops and critturs. The sole Amigo, Lindsey Graham, opined shrilly:

We have two choices: some guy living in an embassy on the run from the law … who has a history of undermining Pindosi democracy and releasing classified information to put our troops at risk, or the 17 intelligence agencies sworn to defend us. I’m going with them.

Trump’s advisers say he has long been skeptical of the CIA’s accuracy, and he often mentions faulty intelligence in 2002 and 2003 concerning Iraq’s weapons programs. But he has focused his skepticism of the agencies squarely on their Russia assessments, which has jarred analysts accustomed to more cohesion with the White House. The rest of the story is largely familiar. Here is the rundown from the WSJ. Top boxtops at Pindosi intelligence agencies, as well as leading Rethug and Demagog Congress critturs, have said Russia orchestrated the computer attacks that hacked and leaked DNC + Podesta emails last year. Obama ordered the intelligence agencies to produce a report on the hacking operation, and he is expected to presented with the findings on Thursday. Russia has long denied any involvement in the hacking operation, though Putin has said releasing the stolen emails served a public service. DCI Brennan, DFI Comey and DNI Clapper are scheduled to brief Trump on the findings on Friday. Trump tweeted late Tuesday that this meeting had been delayed, and suggested that the agencies still needed time to “build a case” against Russia. White House boxtops said Trump will be briefed on the hacking report as soon as it is ready. White House officials have been increasingly frustrated by Trump’s confrontations with intelligence officials. Our one said:

It’s appalling. No president has ever taken on the CIA and lived come out looking good.

The WSJ reports that the official close to the transition said that Trump shares the view of Flynn and Pompeo: that the intel community’s position (that Russians tried to help his campaign) is an attempt to undermine his victory or say he didn’t win. Some may see this as a preemptive counter-coup against unfriendly elements. Flynn will lead the NSC, giving him broad influence in military and intelligence decisions throughout the government. He is also a believer in rotating senior intelligence agencies into the field and reducing headquarters staff. Meanwhile, current and former intel and police boxtops have reacted with a mixture of bafflement and outrage to Trump’s continuing series of jabs at Pindo spies. One former senior intel boxtop said:

They are furious about it. A retinue of senior BoxTops who thought they would be staying on in a Hillary Clinton administration now are re-evaluating their plans following Mr Trump’s election.

Additionally, current and former officials said it was particularly striking to see Trump quote Assange in tweets. One former police boxtop said:

It’s pretty horrifying to me that he’s siding with Assange over the intelligence agencies.

And that may explain why Trump has decided to overhaul the entire Pindosi security apparatus from the ground up. Paul Pillar, a 28-year veteran of the CIA who retired in 2005, said he was disturbed by Trump’s tweets and feared much of the intel community’s assessments could be filtered through Flynn. He said:

I’m rather pessimistic. This is indeed disturbing that the president should come in with this negative view of the agencies, coupled with his habits on how he absorbs information and so on, that don’t provide a lot of hope for change.

As a result of Trump’s unprecedented overhaul of the Pindosi intelligence apparatus, we expect that to soon hear the loudest calls for Trump committing treason yet.

Report: Trump plans to shrink ODNI, CIA
Mark Abadi, Business Insider, Jan 5 2017

Donald Trump is planning to restructure two of the nation’s top intelligence agencies, according to a WSJ report published Wednesday. The newspaper writes that Trump plans to reduce the size of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the CIA, fearing the agencies have become too large and politicized. Someone close to Trump’s transition team told the WSJ:

The view from the Trump team is the intelligence world becoming completely politicized. They all need to be slimmed down. The focus will be on restructuring the agencies and how they interact.

The apparent plans come as Trump continues to mock the intelligence agencies and dismiss their reports that Russia hacked and leaked emails from Democrat officials in an attempt to influence the election. Obama late last year instructed the DNI to investigate potential meddling in presidential elections dating back to 2008, amid the findings. Trump cited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Wednesday in his latest dismissal of the cyber-attacks. Assange had denied Russia was the source of the stolen emails in an interview with Fox News. The president-elect’s comments angered Congress critturs from both parties concerned that the incoming president appeared to trust Assange over top Pindo intelligence officials. Senator Lindsey Graham opined:

We have two choices: some guy living in an embassy on the run from the law … who has a history of undermining Pindosi democracy and releasing classified information to put our troops at risk, or the 17 intelligence agencies sworn to defend us. I’m going with them.

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