kellyanne on obama’s cyber reprisals

Conway: Trump will ensure measures against Russia are ‘proportionate’
Rebecca Savransky, The Hill, Jan 9 2017

Kellyanne Conway on Monday suggested the president-elect would take another look at the retaliatory measures that Pindostan took against Russia in response to the country’s meddling in the Pindo presidential race. When asked if she thought that Trump might consider rolling back some of the steps Obama ordered against Russia, she told USA Today’s Capital Download:

There did seem to be a disproportionately punitive response by President Obama in the instance of the alleged Russian hacking, because he expelled 35 Russian operatives and when China hacked 21 million records of Pindostanis. it was basically a little bit shrug-shouldered. I predict that President Trump will want to make sure that our actions are proportionate to what occurred, based on what we know.

Obama recently announced sanctions against Russian intelligence organizations and top officials, expelled 35 officials from Pindostan, and shuttered two Pindo facilities used by Moscow. Last week, an intelligence community report showed that intelligence agencies believe Russia hacked the DNC + Podesta emails and engaged in a propaganda effort to help Trump win the White House. Conway was critical of House and Senate Democrats calling for an independent bipartisan commission to investigate the Russian hacks, although some Republicans have also pushed for such a commission, such as Walnuts McCain. Conway said:

It’s curious and a little bit humorous that Democrats right now would be talking about anything bipartisan … given how they have vowed to obstruct everything we do.

When asked if she thinks the issue had been thoroughly investigated, she said:

There is a great deal of information out there already regarding the Russian hacking. I do find it to be very ironic that the uptick in and the hue-and-cry of ‘investigation’ and ‘information’ has occurred after the election results are in. The fact is, the Democrats became super-duper interested in this entire issue after the election did not go the way they “wanted” and the way they expected. Russian hackers were not able to breach Pindosi voting systems or tamper with ballots, and that’s very clear in the report, that they were not successful. Pindostanis voted the way they did because they thought Hillary Clinton wasn’t honest or trustworthy and were looking for change, among other reasons.

Democrats seek 9/11-style commission to investigate Russian hacking
Reuters, Jan 9 2017

Democrat Congress critturs called on Monday for the creation of an independent commission to investigate Russia’s (supposed) attempts to intervene in the 2016 election, similar to the 9/11 Commission. Their “Protecting Our Democracy Act” would create a twelve-member bipartisan panel to interview witnesses, obtain documents, issue subpoenas and receive public testimony to examine attempts by Moscow and any other entities to influence the election. The panel members would not Congress critturs. The (attempted) legislation is one of many calls by the critturs to look into Russian involvement in the contest. Pindo intelligence agencies on Friday released a report saying that Pres Putin of Russia ordered an effort to help Trump’s electoral chances by discrediting Clinton. Russia has denied the hacking allegations. A Kremlin spokesman said on Monday they were “reminiscent of a witch-hunt.” Ben Cardin, senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told a news conference:

There is no question that Russia attacked us! (sic! – RB).

Versions of the bill were introduced in both houses. In the Senate it has 10 sponsors. In the House it is backed by the entire Democrat caucus, said Elijah Cummings, senior Democrat on the House Oversight Committee. No Republicans back the bill, so its prospects are dim. A few Republicans, notably the Two Amigos, Lindsey Graham and Walnuts McCain, have supported calls for an independent investigation, but GOP leaders have resisted the idea, saying that planned investigations by congressional committees will be sufficient. Walnuts joined Ben Cardin and Robert Menendez on Monday to propose legislation to impose “comprehensive” sanctions on Russia. Amy Klobuchar, who went with Graham and McCain to the Baltic states, Ukraine and Georgia, said:

Russia’s actions justify an investigation by an independent panel of national experts. This is not just about one political party. It’s not even about one election. It’s not even about one country, our country. It is a repeated attempt … around the world, to influence elections.

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