jared brings israel’s jews into the white house, and they know the below is shit

Pindo spooks reportedly warn Israeli Spooks Against Sharing With Trump
Haaretz, Jan 12 2017

Israeli spooks are concerned that the exposure of classified information to their Pindostani counterparts under a Trump administration could lead to their being leaked to Russia and onward to Iran, investigative journalist Ronen Bergman reported by Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot on Thursday. The intelligence concerns, which have been discussed in closed forums recently, are based on suspicions of unreported ties between Trump or his associates, and the Purtin government. As Russian intelligence is associated with spooks in Tehran, highly classified information such as Israel’s clandestine methods of operation and intelligence sources, could potentially reach Iran. Such information has been shared with Pindostan in the past. Pindo spooks expressed despair at the election of Trump during a recent meeting with their Israeli counterparts, Bergman reported. They said that they believed that Putin had “leverages of pressure” over Trump, though they did not elaborate. The Pindo media reported on Wednesday that Russia has embarrassing intelligence about the president-elect. According to Bergman, the Pindo spooks implied that Israel should “be careful” when transferring intelligence information to the White House and the NSC following Trump’s inauguration– at least until it is clear that Trump does not have inappropriate connections with Russia. Cooperation between the Israeli and Pindosi intelligence communities has intensified over the past two decades, with most of the joint operations directed against Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. An official agreement in 2008 for comprehensive cooperation, including the exposure of sources and methods of action, reportedly led to the disruption of the Iranian nuclear program (and indeed the entire west Asian technosphere, by the Stuxnet weaponized virus – RB). Obama put an end to offensive activity against Iran in 2013, at the start of secret talks between Pindostan and Iran over a nuclear agreement. However, the exposure of Israeli intelligence to Pindostan continued. Pindo spooks are convinced that Edward Snowden handed over intelligence to Moscow in return for which he received political asylum, and that some of it was handed over to Tehran, in the context of Putin’s policy of increasing Iranian dependence on Moscow.

Pindo spooks said to warn Trump’s ties to Russia
Stuart Winer, Times of Israel, Jan 12 2017

Pindo spooks have warned their Israeli counterparts that Donald Trump’s ties to Russia could pose a security threat, since information passed on to his administration may reach Moscow and from there be leaked to Iran, a Hebrew-language daily reported Thursday. During a recent meeting between Pindosi and Israeli spooks, the Pindosis also assessed that Russia has some kind of leverage over Trump, but did not go into details, Yediot Ahronot claimed, citing unidentified Israeli spooks. The report did not specify when or where the meeting took place, or who was present, and there was no independent confirmation of the claims. Pindo spooks also told the Israelis that they had reliable information “of the highest level” that Russian spooks were behind the hacking of the email accounts of the DNC + Podesta during the Pindo elections last year. The Pindosis indicated to Israel they should be cautious in sharing information with Trump’s White House or NSA until the next administration has shown itself to be beyond suspicion of compromising ties with Russia. The Yediot report came two days after media reports of a dossier circulating in Faschingstein which alleges that Trump’s aides colluded with the Kremlin ahead of the Pindo election, and that Russia has compromising information of a sexual nature about Trump. Pindosi media and pols have been in possession of versions of the 35-page report for months but had declined to publish it, since they were unable to corroborate its claims. On Tuesday, after several media outlets reported that Trump had been briefed on the allegations circulating about him, BuzzFeed News published the dossier in full while admitting it was “unverified.” The dossier includes unsubstantiated claims that the Russians possess videos involving prostitutes, filmed during a 2013 visit by Trump to a luxury Moscow hotel for the Miss Universe contest, supposedly as a potential tool for blackmail. It also alleges that Trump advisers including his lawyer Michael Cohen maintained regular contact with Russian spooksd and other boxtops during the election and have been exchanging information for “at least” eight years. Trump Friday briefing reportedly included a two-page summary of the dossier. That summary has been shown only to Trump, Obama, and the Eight Hombres from the Congress. Trump angrily dismissed the report as a fabrication and slammed Pindo intelligence for allowing the information to leak, telling a news conference:

It’s all fake news. It’s phony stuff. It didn’t happen. I think it was disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out! I say that that’s something that Nazi Germany would have done!

Pindo intel sources warn Israel against Trump
Ronen Bergman, Ynet, Jan 12 2017

Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration as the next president of the United States is causing Israeli intelligence officials to lose sleep as well. Discussions held in closed forums recently raised fears of a leakage of Israeli intelligence top-classified information, clandestine modus oprandi and sources, which have been exposed to the American intelligence community over the past 15 years, to Russia – and from there to Iran. The cause of concern are the suspicions of unreported ties between the president-elect or his associates and the Kremlin, whose agents are also associated with intelligence officials in Tehran. These fears, which began upon Trump’s election, grew stronger following a meeting held recently between Israeli and American intelligence officials (the date of the meeting is not mentioned to protect the sources of the report). During the meeting, according to the Israelis who participated in it, their American colleagues voiced despair over Trump’s election, as he often lashes out at the American intelligence community. The Pindo boxtops also told the Israelis that the NSA had “highly credible information” that the FSB and GRU were responsible for hacking the DNC servers during the elections and leaking sensitive information to WikiLeaks which hurt Clinton. The Pindo boxtops further added that they believed Putin had “leverages of pressure” over Trump, but did not elaborate. They were apparently referring to what was published Wednesday about embarrassing information collected by Russian intelligence in a bid to blackmail the president-elect. The Pindosis implied that the Israelis should refuse to transfer intelligence information to the White House and NSC after Jan 20. According to the Israelis who were present in the meeting, the Pindosis recommended that until it is made clear that Trump is not inappropriately connected to Russia and is not being extorted, Israel should avoid revealing sensitive sources to admin boxtops for fear the information would reach the Iranians.

If Israel’s secrets are indeed not kept confidential, this is a serious danger to the state’s national security. Since the early 2000s, the cooperation between the Israeli and Pindosi intelligence communities has been intensified. It was led by the head of AMAN at the time, the late Mossad chief Meir Dagan, and his successor Tamir Pardo. Most of the joint operations between the two countries’ intelligence communities were directed against Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. The ties became even tighter in the previous decade on the backdrop of PMs Sharon and Olmert’s close relations with Bush 43. In 2008, the intelligence cooperation between Israel and Pindostan received a sort of authorization in the form of an official agreement for comprehensive cooperation and exposure of sources and methods of action, which was defined by a senior state official as “complete mutual striptease” between Bush and Olmert. The deep cooperation, which went on for years, led to impressive results, including the disruption of the Iranian nuclear program. These operations were led by Operation Olympic Games, which included the creation of computer viruses such as Stuxnet, which badly damaged the Iranian nuclear program entire west asian technosphere. The Mossad and the CIA collaborated in the assassination of Imad Mughniyah in Damascus in 2008. When the secret talks between Pindostan and Iran over a nuclear agreement began in 2013, Obama put an end to any offensive activity against Iran. However, this did not stop the depth of Israel’s intelligence exposure vis-à-vis Pindostan. A leakage of some of these secrets could cause great damage. Israel is not just afraid of Russia, but also of Iran. In their meeting with the Israelis, the CIA boxtops were able to point to information included in the Snowden documents about specific highly secret CIA operations in Iran. The Pindosis are convinced that Edward Snowden handed the information over to Russian intelligence as part of the deal for receiving political asylum, and that parts of it were handed over to Tehran as part of Putin’s policy to increase Iranian dependence, not just Syrian dependence, on Moscow, all aimed at serving one final purpose: To restore Russia’s position as the influential world power in the region.

Sixpack: Intel officials told us Trump allegations might leak
Josh Lederman, AP, Jan 12 2017

FASCHINGSTEIN — Vice Pres Joe Sixpack said Thursday that top spooks told him and Alabama they felt obligated to inform them about uncorroborated allegations about Trump, out of concern the information would become public and catch them off guard. In an interview with AP and other news outlets, Sixpack said:

I think it’s something that obviously the agency thinks they have to track down. It surprised me in that it made it to the point where the agency, the FBI, thought they had to pursue it. In the briefing we got, there were no conclusions drawn. They told us that they couldn’t say whether any of it was true. It was totally ancillary to the purpose of the meeting, regarding Russian interference in the election campaign. As a matter of fact, the president was like, “What does this have anything to do with anything?” They responded by saying, “We feel obliged to tell you, Mr President, you may hear about it because we’re going to tell him.” There was hardly any discussion. Neither of us asked them to corroborate the claims. Neither of us asked for any detail.

Sixpack was sharply critical of Trump for disparaging the Pindosi intelligence community, refusing daily intelligence briefings and downplaying the importance of the intelligence a president receives. He said:

It’s an extremely valuable tool. I think he’ll come to understand that. If he doesn’t, it’ll be a tragedy for the interests of the country, I mean a genuine tragedy. Intelligence information will be particularly important for a president who has no exposure whatsoever, and that’s not a criticism, it’s a reality.

He took umbrage at Trump’s comparison of living under the impact of the leaks to “living in Nazi Germany,” saying with the imperturbable hypocrisy that is his hallmark:

The one thing you never want to invoke is Nazi Germany, no matter what the circumstances. It’s an overwhelming diversion from the point you’re trying to make.

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