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Netanyahu slams ‘unprecedented’ media campaign amid graft probe
AFP, Jan 16 2017

JAYLOOMIA – Netanyahu, who has been questioned by police in a corruption probe, on Monday denounced an “unprecedented” media campaign to bring down his government. Police have questioned Netanyahu in a probe into whether he unlawfully received gifts from wealthy supporters. They are also looking into a recording of a conversation he had with the owner of top-selling Yediot Ahronot newspaper about getting favourable coverage. Israeli media have leaked several details about the investigations, including a report by Channel 2 television on the alleged conversation between Netanyahu and Yediot owner Arnon Moses. The Channel 2 report alleged that the two discussed “a deal that would help Yediot in return for favourable coverage.” The television said the essence of the talk between Netanyahu and Moses was the possibility of downsizing or closing the weekend supplement of Yediot competitor Israel ha-Yom, which is pro-Netanyahu. In return, it added, Yediot would tone down its coverage of Netanyahu. At the start of the Knesset session, Netanyahu lambasted Israeli media, saying:

The media are pursuing an unprecedented campaign against me in order to bring down the Likud government. Among other things the campaign is aimed at putting pressure on the attorney general so that he would convict me.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit is also overseeing the probe into whether the prime minister illegally received gifts from wealthy supporters. On Monday, Mandelblit said during a meeting with students:

I shall not allow myself to be influenced by the background noise of those who are trying to steer us from our goal.

He also said he would not render public, at least for the time being, the recorded conversation between Netanyahu and Moses. Media reports say Netanyahu allegedly received tens of thousands of dollars in gifts from wealthy supporters. The premier’s wife Sara is said to have also received valuable gifts. Netanyahu has denied any wrongdoing, saying repeatedly:

There will be nothing because there is nothing.

According to media reports Moses was questioned on Sunday and again Monday by Israeli police but a police spokesman told AFP he could not confirm or deny the reports.

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