“particularly to call into question someone like john brennan, i’m offended by that,” says pansy earnest

White House Press Secretary Suggests Putin Taking Cues From Trump Team
Alexander Mallin, ABC ‘News’, Jan 17 2017

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest suggested that Vladimir Putin, who said the Obama Administration is seeking to “delegitimize” the president-elect, may be taking its cues from the Trump team. Putin suggested the outgoing Obama administration was trying to undermine Trump by spreading “fake” rumors despite Trump’s “convincing” victory. Earnest told ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl:

First of all it seems like he got his copy of the talking points. From who? Well, I don’t know. It certainly sounds a lot like what the incoming administration’s team is saying.

The response from Trump and his team to a leaked dossier with unsubstantiated allegations that Russia holds compromising info on the president-elect has been swift, dismissing the claims as “fake news” and “nonsense.” Trump suggested that intelligence agencies “allowed” the dossier to be leaked, despite DNI Clapper saying:

This document is not a Pindo IC product, and I do not believe the leaks came from within the IC. It had been circulated for months before the intelligence community became aware of it.

The spat became a war of words between Trump and DCI Brennan, who Trump suggested Sunday evening could be the “leaker” behind the document. Earnest said Trump’s “deeply misguided” comments lined up almost directly with Putin’s accusations. He said like the pansy he is:

Particularly to call into question the integrity of somebody like John Brennan, somebody who has served at the CIA for three decades, somebody who has served the country in dangerous locations around the world to try to keep us safe… I’m offended by it.

Trump’s transition team did not immediately respond to ABC ‘News’ request for comment.

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