russia: “in trump we trust”

Inauguration prompts celebration in Russia
Andrew Osborn, Reuters, Jan 2017

MOSCOW – The Kremlin may have spent years reviling America, but Russians hoping Donald Trump will usher in a new era of detente marked his inauguration on Friday with parties and trinkets from commemorative coins to “matryoshka” nesting dolls in his image. Washington was turned into a virtual fortress with an estimated 900,000 people descending on the capital. In London, anti-Trump activists draped a banner reading “Build Bridges Not Walls” from Tower Bridge. Protests were planned across western Europe on Friday and Saturday. But Gennady Gudkov, a former Duna member, says:

Russia is in the grip of “Trumpomania”, with state media giving the President-elect blanket air time at the expense of more mundane and sometimes depressing domestic news stories. That’s in part because the Pindosi election, unlike elections in Russia, was so unpredictable.

Craftsmen in the city of Zlatoust, east of Moscow, have released a limited series of silver and gold commemorative coins engraved “In Trump We Trust.” Sellers of traditional matryoshka nesting dolls have added Trump dolls to their popular line-up of items carved in the likeness of Putin, Lenin, Gorbachev and Stalin. Some of Trump’s opponents believe the Kremlin helped him win the White House by staging a hacking campaign to hoover up embarrassing information about Hillary Clinton, his rival. The Kremlin denies that, but few here make any secret of the fact that they are pleased that Trump and not Clinton triumphed. Sergei Markov, another former Duma member, said on social media:

Trump’s election has generated enormous enthusiasm in Russia, because his warm words about Russia and Putin have given us hope that Pindostan and the West will stop their attack on Russia. We don’t know for sure whether there will be an improvement, but we Russians are optimists, so we are hoping for the best, while preparing for the worst.

For Russian nationalists, Trump’s inauguration is an excuse to mix fun with self-promotion. They are holding an all-night party at what used to be the main Soviet-era post office in Moscow where they will showcase their favorite prop, a triptych of Putin, Trump and French Front National leader Marine Le Pen. Konstantin Rykov, a former Duma member and one of the event’s promoters, said on social media it was right to celebrate the first phase of the NWO, quipping:

Faschingstein will be ours!

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