comey has risen from the black lagoon (briefly)

At a White House reception, Trump has a pat on the back for Comey
Michael Memoli, LA Times, Jan 22 2017

Trump with Comey. (Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

FBI Director Comey is famously tall, so he will naturally stand out in a crowd. But as President Trump addressed a thank-you reception for law enforcement and security personnel involved in the inauguration, his singling out Comey from the crowd was all the more conspicuous. Trump said as he saw Comey across the Blue Room:

Oh, and there’s James! He’s become more famous than me!

Comey walked across the room to greet the new president. Trump put out his right hand to shake Comey’s, then with his left patted Comey on the back as he leaned in to say something. Many Democrats have accused the FBI director, a Republican who was nominated for the post by Obama in 2013, of steering November’s election outcome with his eleventh-hour notice that the agency was reviewing newly discovered emails in connection with an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of sensitive material which the agency had ended months earlier which had just turned up alongside a bunch of kiddie porn on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

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