“pindostan today” not too keen on saying the words “white nationalist”

Alleged anti-immigrant suspect held in Quebec mosque shooting
Adam Kovac, Pindostan Today, Jan 30 2017

QUEBEC CITY — A man known to express anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments on social media was identified by police Monday as a suspect in the deaths of six people and wounding of 17 others at a Quebec City mosque, the country’s first lethal attack on a mosque. Quebec City police identified the suspect as Alexandre Bissonnette. A second man who had been held in custody was described as a witness and was later released Monday. Five other people at the mosque were critically injured and 12 others suffered minor injuries in the Sunday attack during evening prayers, according to the University of Quebec Hospital Center. Police did not rule out further arrests and offered no motive for the shootings. Activist group Bienvenue aux Refugies issued a statement that Bissonnette is known for “Pro-Le Pen and anti-feminist” statements on social networks. Mohamed Labidi, vice president of the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre, said:

Islamophobia has been growing. It’s because the tragedies that happened in France and other countries, the media always repeats and stresses the word ‘Muslim, Muslim, Muslim!’ I don’t blame the media because they’re doing their job of informing the public of what happened, but maybe do better to not invite Islamophobia.

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