shira frenkel, go get a straight job, planting disinfo won’t do you any good

It Looks Like Someone Curated The Wikileaks Emails Before They Were Published
Shira Frenkel, BuzzFeed News, Feb 4 2017

SAN FRANCISCO — Thousands of messages may be missing from the cache of stolen emails that Wikileaks made public last year from and to members of the DNC, according to campaign staffers and journalists who told BuzzFeed News that they noticed their own correspondence missing from the emails made public. Wikileaks, which has refused to say where it obtained the emails, has repeatedly claimed that they do not curate or modify the content they are given. Pindo boxtops have said that Wikileaks obtained the emails through state-sponsored Russian hackers. Wikileaks did not respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News, asking whether they selectively released the emails from the DNC, or if they were aware that some of the emails from the Jan 2015 to May 2016 timeframe covered in the Wikileaks DNC email database were missing. The question of whether the emails were curated in some way to appear as damaging as possible to the party has long been whispered about among campaign staffers. One Democrat Party campaign staffer said:

There was the fact that they were released in drips and drabs, and then, the fact that entire parts of an email chain were missing, which would have given a bit of context to the discussion, but a lot of us weren’t about to say, ‘Hey, you missed some emails!’

Another said:

I think it is unknown that these emails were not just dumped, there was curation happening here. I would find part of an email chain, but not other parts. At times, the parts missing were the parts that would have given context to the whole discussion … not explosive or holy shit … A lot of it was mundane stuff or stuff that flushed out and gave context.

Many of the Democrat Party campaign staffers who spoke to BuzzFeed News said it was hard to tell exactly how many messages were missing, since their emails were set to automatically delete every 30 days. The second source said:

The Russians had our emails, but we didn’t have them. There was a joke going around at some point, that if you were looking for an old email on something, you could just find it on Wikileaks if it wasn’t in your inbox anymore.

Three journalists who covered the 2016 Democrat campaign told BuzzFeed News that they also noticed emails missing from the cache Wikileaks made public. One politics reporter said:

At first I was relieved, and then I was confused. I mean, none of it was particularly embarrassing or newsworthy, but some of my emails from a particular week made it and others didn’t. It suggested they had only gotten part of the communications or had chosen what to make public and what not to.

One former Democrat Party campaign staffer said:

The idea that Wikileaks and Julian Assange is about some kind of high minded transparency is totally completely full of shit. What they wanted was to create the maximum amount of political pain.

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