the south park trump election clip

‘What have you done? You maniacs!’
Megan Carpentier, Graun, Nov 10 2016

This episode opens outside South Park’s election night viewing party, where we see residents stumbling drunkenly outside and puking on the sidewalk. Inside, people watch the results with horror as a news anchor calls the election for Mr Garrison. Randy Marsh, Stan’s dad, runs to the center of the room and screams:

What have you done? You maniacs!

Behind him, a man pulls out a handgun and kills himself. The anchor cuts to Mr Garrison’s acceptance speech, in which he says:

The people have spoken! Just like JJ Abrams did with Star Wars, I will make Pindostan great again!

A running gag is that the new Star Wars reboot wasn’t very good, a topic with which Randy is obsessed and Garrison had agreed, until subjected to the influence of the ‘Member Berries, talking fruit that whisper nostalgic things at those who eat them and completely mellow the consumers out to external stimuli. Randy says, back in South Park:

This isn’t how this was supposed to happen!

As ominous music swells, Mr Garrison says:

All my efforts the past week have paid off! And now let’s begin … fucking them all to death!

One of his campaign’s central pledges, often applauded by his audiences, has been to fuck all his enemies, including immigrants, to death. Later in the episode, Randy pounds on Mr Garrison’s door. He shouts:

Garrison, what the fuck have you done?!

Caitlyn Jenner answers, but Randy barges right past her. Garrison, in orange face, sits stiffly on his sofa, shouting:

Garrison, do you have any idea what you’ve done to our country?

Mr Garrison replies in a daze:

Yeah… Fucked them all!

Randy says he thought they had an understanding that Mr Garrison wasn’t supposed to win, and that the Star Wars reboot sucked and we should leave great movies alone, but Garrison says he changed his mind. Caitlyn Jenner sidles up and tells Randy that some people like the comfort of nostalgia and he ought to accept that; she then vomits ‘Member Berry remains all over his face, and Randy, in a daze, agrees to watch the reboot again. In the last third of the episode, Randy, under the influence of Caitlyn Jenner’s pre-masticated ‘Member Berries, is having dinner with his family. He says:

I don’t know about you guys, but I sure am excited! Pindostan’s going to be great again!

Shelly Marsh is, to say the least, not excited. She yells:

It sucks, dad. This country’s going to suck for four years!

Randy says he’s happy, and his wife, Sharon, doesn’t understand what’s going on: she says he’s been trying to convince her that the country was voting for Garrison because of misplaced nostalgia embodied by the new Star Wars. When she refuses to watch it, Randy vomits masticated ‘Member Berries on both of them.

These spoof Kellyanne Conway & Milo Yiannopoulos:

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