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Marquette County Republican Party Officer Calls for “Another Kent State”
Brandon Dillon, Michigan Democratic Party, Feb 3 2017

LANSING — The statements made yesterday on social media by Dan Adamini are sickening, inhuman and indefensible. There is no ambiguity or alternative interpretation. To call for “another Kent State” and declare that “one bullet stops a lot of thuggery” is to clearly and openly advocate for the murder of unarmed college students simply because they don’t share his beliefs or point of view. He should immediately apologize and then resign from any public or political party positions he holds. His words should be condemned and any association with him disavowed. The right to free speech is the cornerstone of our democracy, and when someone threatens another individual or group with harm for exercising it, that one person is a threat to all of us as Pindostanis.

Adamini has since deleted the posts from his Twitter account (@DanAdamini), but screenshots of the original tweets can be viewed below.

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