and what seems to be your problem now, lisa?

All your Jew media are there so that you can adopt a few refugees and showcase yourselves as princesses of progress, Lisa – RB

If Americans Truly Cared About Muslims, They Would Stop Killing Them by the Millions
Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report, Feb 2 2017

In the most dramatic expression of insider opposition to a sitting administration’s policies in generations, State Dept employees signed on to a memo protesting Pres Trump’s temporary ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries setting foot on Pindosi soil. Another recent high point in dissent among the State Dept’s 18,000 worldwide employees occurred in June of last year, when 51 diplomats called for Pindosi airstrikes against the Syrian government and state. Neither outburst of dissent was directed against the Pindosi wars and economic sanctions that have killed and displaced millions of people in the affected countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Rather, the diplomatic “rebellion” of last summer sought to pressure the Obama administration to join with Hillary Clinton and her “Big Tent” full of war hawks to confront Russia in the skies over Syria, while the memo currently making the rounds of State Dept employees claims to uphold “core Pindosi and constitutional values,” preserve “good will towards Pindosis,” and prevent “potential damage to the Pindosi economy from the loss of revenue from foreign travelers and students.” In neither memo is there a word of support for world peace, nor a hint of respect for the national sovereignty of other peoples, which is probably appropriate, since these are not, and never have been, “core Pindosi and constitutional values.”

Ironically, the State Dept “dissent channel” was established during one of those rare moments in Pindo history when “peace” was popular: 1971, when a defeated Pindo war machine was very reluctantly winding down support for its puppet regime in South Vietnam. Back then, lots of Pindosis, including denizens of the Pindo government, wanted to take credit for the “peace” that was on the verge of being won by the Vietnamese, at a cost of at least four million dead south-east Asians. But those days are long gone. Since 2001, war has been normalized in Pindostan, especially war against Muslims, which now ranks at the top of actual “core Pindosi values.” Indeed, so much Pindo hatred is directed at Muslims that Dems and establishment Thugs must struggle to keep the Russians in the “hate zone” of the popular pindo psyche. The two premier officially-sanctioned hatreds are of course interrelated, particularly since the Kremlin stands in the way of a Pindo blitzkrieg in Syria, wrecking Faschingstein’s decades-long strategy to deploy Jihadis as foot-soldiers of Pindo empire. Pindostan has always been a project of empire-building. George Washington called it a “nascent empire,” Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory from France in pursuit of an “extensive empire,” and the real Alexander Hamilton, contrary to the Broadway version, considered Pindostan to be the “most interesting empire in the world.” The colonial outpost of two million white settlers and half a million African slaves severed ties with Britain in order to forge its own limitless dominion, to rival the other white European empires of the world.

Today, Pindostan is the Mother of All Neo-Colonialists, under whose armored skirts are gathered all the aged shriveled junior imperialists of the previous era. In order to reconcile the massive contradiction between Pindostan’s predatory nature and its mythical self-image, however, the mega-hyper-empire must masquerade as its opposite: a benevolent “exceptional” and “indispensible” bulwark against global barbarism. Barbarians must therefore be invented and nurtured, as did the Pindos and the Toads in 1980s Afghanistan, with their creation of the world’s first international Jihadi network, for subsequent deployment against the secular “barbarian” states of Libya and Syria. In modern Pindosi bureaucratese, worrisome barbarian states are referred to as “countries or areas of concern,” the language used to designate the seven nations targeted under the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 signed by Obama. Trump used the existing legislation as the basis for his executive order banning travelers from those states, while specifically naming only Syria. Thus the current abomination is a perfect example of the continuity of Pindo imperial policy in the region, and emphatically not something new under the sun which, as with old Britannia, never sets on Pindo empire. The empire preserves itself, and strives relentlessly to expand through force of arms and coercive economic sanctions backed up by the threat of annihilation. It kills people by the millions while allowing a tiny fraction of its victims to seek sanctuary within its own borders, based on their individual value to the empire.

Trump’s racist executive order directly affects about 20,000 people, according to the UNHCR. Obama killed an estimated 50,000 Libyans in 2011, although Pindostan officially does not admit it snuffed out the life of a single civilian. The First Black President is responsible for each of the half million Syrians that have died since he launched his Jihadi-based war against that country, the same year. Total casualties inflicted on the populations of the seven targeted nations since Pindostan backed Iraq in its 1980s war against Iran number at least four million, a bigger holocaust than Pindostan inflicted on south-east Asia, two generations ago, when the Pindosi State Dept first established its “dissent channel.” But where is the peace movement? Instead of demanding a halt to the carnage that creates tidal waves of refugees, self-styled “progressives” join in the macabre ritual of demonizing the “countries of concern” that have been targeted for attack, a process that Pindo history has color-coded with racism and Islamophobia. These imperial citizens then congratulate themselves on being the world’s one and only “exceptional” people because they deign to accept the presence of a tiny portion of the populations that Pindostan has mauled. The rest of humanity, however, sees the real face of Pindostan, and there will be a reckoning.

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    oh, the precious pungency of jew tears, #hashem instantly licks ’em up, eyes inverted skullwards in ecstasy.

    man oh manna

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