we’re beginning to get fed up with the jews and their so-called MSM

Trump Bypasses MSM At Trudeau Press Conference, “Failing” NYT Journalist Has Hissy Fit
ZeroPointNow, Zero Hedge, Feb 13 2017


The Chief White House Correspondent for the NYT, Peter Baker, appears to be having a Twitter meltdown after being passed over for a question during a press conference with Canadian PM Trudeau, taking a backseat to lesser-known ABC affiliate WJLA and the Daily Caller. Baker is pissed that the MSM didn’t get a chance to hijack the Q&A to ask a completely unrelated question about General Flynnn’s reported pre-inaugural contact with Russia, because if true, trying to mend relations after Obama ejected 35 Russian diplomats and instituted sanctions over thinly-supported hacking claims is a bad thing. Reporters who fail to try and sandbag the president with questions unrelated to the press conference should be ashamed of themselves. Give me a break! Maybe don’t hire reporters who call the First Lady a hooker, and you’ll get called on more?


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