‘mad dog’ is trying valiantly to draw NATO’s focus of aggression away from russia

Pindostan & NATO to Accelerate Counter-ISIS Fight, Mad Dog Says
Lisa Ferdinando, DoD News, Feb 16 2017

FASCHINGSTEIN — Pincostan and its NATO vassals intend to intensify efforts to defeat Daesh said ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis today in Brussels. At the opening of a counter-Daesh ministerial meeting at NATO HQ, Mattis said that the 28-member bloc is “united in this fight to defeat Daesh.” He said the goal of the meeting is to “orchestrate the international pressure on our terrorist enemy and enhance the current counter-Daesh fight.” He called for a sustained effort, saying:

This is not something that will be over with quickly, but we certainly intend to accelerate this fight, one of the reasons we’re here today is to lay this out to you.

Sec-Gen Stoltenberg commended the efforts of the alliance members, saying Daesh and terrorism are among the most pressing challenges NATO faces. He said:

This coalition has an unwavering commitment to see this fight to its conclusion. It is reinforced through the contributions by each of the nations. Defeating Daesh is a global generational challenge that requires a global generational response.

Mattis Not Ready to Recommend Ground Combat Troops
Richard Sisk, Military.com, Feb 16 2017

‘Mad Dog’ Mattis said Thursday he wants to consult with the vassals before considering putting Pindo grunts into Syria and Iraq, supposedly to fight Daesh. Mattis did not rule out the possibility, but he said at a news conference after a defense ministers’ meeting at NATO HQ in Brussels:

I first want to talk to the vassals, then we’ll decide where we’re going. Without input from them. I’m not comfortable answering on my own at this point. Consultations with the vassals are likely to begin this weekend following a security conference in Germany on Friday. I’m going to fly from here into the Middle East. Once we know what we have in a mutual appreciation of the situation, then we’ll go forward.

This possible option that could be included in the plan to defeat Daesh that Trump directed Mattis to draw up within 30 days, in his executive order signed Jan 27. Trump has speculated on the possibility of having the Pindosi and Russian militaries coordinate efforts against ISIS in Syria. Mattis said Thursday that Russia would have to “prove itself first” before joint military action could be feasible, avvording to the WaPo. Mattis told ‘defense’ reporters traveling with him:

We are not in a position right now to collaborate on a military level, but our political leaders will engage and try to find common ground or a way forward so that Russia, living up to its commitment, can return to a partnership of sorts here with NATO.

CJCoS Dunford was in Azerbaijan on Thursday to meet Russia’s Gen Valery Gerasimov, the first sych meeting since 2014. CNN cited a defense official as saying:

It’s possible that you may see conventional forces hit the ground in Syria for some period of time.

Currently, there are about 5,000 Pindo grunts in Iraq, mostly in a train, advise and assist role for local forces, and about 500 in Syria, mostly SOF who are also in a train, advise and assist role. The prospect of sending more Pindo grunts into Syria raises the question of what their mission would be in Syria. A possible mission for additional Pindo grunts would be to police so-called “safe zones.” Trump has said previously that he would “absolutely do safe zones in Syria” as president, but Assad has rejected the idea.

Mattis: ‘Very little doubt’ Russia has interfered in elections
Nikita Vladimirov, The Hill, Feb 15 2017

‘Mad Dog’ Mattis on Thursday said while answering questions at NATO HQ in Brussels:

There is very little doubt that they have either interfered or attempted to interfere in a number of elections in democracies. I have no need to respond to the Russian statement at all. NATO has always stood for military strength and protection of democracies and the freedoms we intend to pass on to our children.

He said Russia needs to “live by international law” and “prove itself” when it comes to its international commitments. He also reiterated that Washington is fully committed to backing NATO members under Article Five’s principle of collective defense, saying:

The commitment to Article Five remains rock solid.

But on Tuesday, Mattis had threatened to “moderate” Pindo support for NATO if its vassals didn’t increase their contributions, telling the press after his speech:

The message that I brought here about everyone carrying their fair share of burden, of sacrifice, to maintain the best defense in the world, was very well received. It was not contentious.

Trump’s calls for a closer relationship with Russia and criticism of NATO during the campaign and since Election Day have created concerns among NATO vassals about Pindostan’s commitment to the treaty.

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