CNN’s Don Lemon Triggered After Guest Calls His Segment ‘Fake News’
The_Real_Fly, Zero Hedge, Feb 18 2017

I’m sure the WaPo is ruing the day that one of their retarded interns suggested weaponizing the term ‘fake news’ as a way to discredit independent media. Clearly, they were unaware of the long lasting ramifications, as they now hang from their own petard (sic). Last night, CNN’s Don Lemon brought a panel of guests to discuss the costs to protect the first family, in this case glossing over 8 years filled with exorbitant family vacations for the Obamas, which included Michelle’s mother and a troupe of people that cost the American people in excess of $85m, instead focusing in on Trump’s 3 weeks worth of golf outings where he entertained foreign dignitaries. So Lemon was having a gay olde time, sashaying from one cucked guest to the next, until he reached PARIS DENNARD, who calmly dismissed Lemon’s segment as yet another episode of fake news, which caused Lemon to melt down, saying:

Hilarious. Watch.

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